Myanmar Students to Hold Fundraiser for CDM in Bangkok

By Thai PBS 13 April 2021

An art and culture concert, called “Myanmar Spring”, is to be held on April 24 at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC Hall). The charity event is being organized by Myanmar students in Thailand, in the hope of raising awareness and raising funds in support of the anti-coup Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), internally displaced individuals and families of those who have lost their lives in Myanmar conflicts.

A virtual event will also be held on the same day.

On Tuesday, a sale of T-shirts and a food festival will be held to raise funds.

The orchestral music concert will be performed by a group of student volunteers and talented individuals. There will also be a poetry recital and other heartfelt performances, which the artists say will reflect the struggles for democracy in Myanmar.

Thailand is a second home to many thousands of Myanmar workers and students. Since the anti-coup protests began in early February, Myanmar people in Thailand have regularly been getting together to show solidarity with the people in their home country.

Information on tickets and performances for “Myanmar Spring” is on their Facebook page: Myanma-Spring-မြန်မာ့နွေဦး

This article was first published by Thai PBS.

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