16 The News For 16 December 2018
Yangon 23
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Death of a Journalist

From the Archive
A fellow journalist from Japan offers his take on the fatal shooting of Kenji Nagai during Myanmar's 2007 Saffron Revolution.

The Power Behind the Robe

From the Archive
On the 11th anniversary of the Saffron Revolution, we revisit this story from October 2007, in which the editor explained why Burma’s generals fear the influence of the Sangha.

The Strange Birds Behind the '88 Coup

From the Archive
To mark the 30th anniversary of the 1988 coup d'état on Tuesday, The Irrawaddy recalls some of the colorful characters in the halls of power at the time.

The House on an Island

From the Archive
The towering century-old home in Yangon, built by the prominent Chinese businessman Lim Chin Tsong, features an eccentric blend of Eastern and Western styles.
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Another Black August

From the Archive
On the 30th anniversary of the ’88 uprising, The Irrawaddy reprints an appeal it ran in the year 2000 for a full recounting of the bloodshed. Without it, Myanmar would remain a divided,

The Women of 1988

From the Archive
These women played key roles in the popular uprising 30 years ago or have carried on the pro-democracy movement it helped inspire.

The Day a New Burma was Born

From the Archive
Exactly 30 years ago, a democratic uprising took off in Rangoon that would sweep the country but end with a bloody crackdown by the military.

Memories of 8.8.88

From the Archive
Stoking the popular discontent that erupted into a nationwide uprising 30 years ago was economic mismanagement, which had reduced a fundamentally wealthy nation to pauper status.