11 The News For 11 April 2021
Yangon 29
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Lunch With a Myanmar Princess

From the Archive
To mark Tuesday’s passing of June Bellamy, or Yadana Nat Mei, a princess and one of Myanmar dictator Ne Win’s wives, The Irrawaddy republishes a 2019 interview with her.

Bye Bye, Big Brother

From the Archive
To mark this week’s 16th anniversary of the former military junta’s arrest of its own notorious security chief, Khin Nyunt, The Irrawaddy revisits a commentary from 2008.

Saffron Revolution: A Rangoon Diary

From the Archive
To mark the 13th anniversary of the Saffron Revolution, The Irrawaddy revisits this 2007 account of the protests and bloody crackdown by photojournalist Thierry Falise.
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Why the Past Can’t Be Put to Rest

From the Archive
Today marks 32 years since junta troops shot dead protester Ma Win Maw Oo, 16. In this 2013 story, her parents explained why they had yet to perform her Buddhist rites.

The Strange Birds Behind the '88 Coup

From the Archive
To mark today’s 32nd anniversary of the coup that toppled General Ne Win’s government, The Irrawaddy revisits a 2013 article on the military leaders who replaced him.

Love of the Lingo

From the Archive
To mark Monday’s passing of John Okell, a noted British instructor of the Burmese language, The Irrawaddy revisits this 2015 profile of the much-loved teacher.

A Tribute to Maung Thaw Ka

From the Archive
To mark the 29th anniversary of his death in Insein Prison, we revisit this 2014 tribute to renowned writer Maung Thaw Ka, who aimed his celebrated wit at the powerful.