23 The News For 23 June 2018
Yangon 25
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Joking with the Generals

From the Archive
Humor is one of the few things that make life in Burma bearable for most people, but even this salve for the soul can rub the ruling generals the wrong way.

Constitutional Conundrum

From the Archive
On the eve of the referendum that ushered in the current charter, pro-democracy activists debated whether it was a step in the right direction or the death-knell for their movement

The (Martial) Art of Writing

From the Archive
In the past, Burmese writers had to become masters of journalistic kung fu, using subtle means to defend their work against the attacks of military censors. 
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U Win Tin's Lasting Legacy

From the Archive
The late activist and political prisoner would have been 88 today. We look back on his contribution to Myanmar's struggle for democracy.

Peace Can’t Be Bought

From the Archive
After five years, lots of cash and countless photo opportunities, we are still waiting for Myanmar’s ‘peace industry’ to deliver.

Chiming with History

From the Archive
Mired beneath the Yangon River for more than four centuries, the Dhammazedi Bell has become a symbol of all that unites and divides this nation.