War Against the Junta

14 Myanmar Regime Personnel Killed in Two Days of Resistance Attacks

By The Irrawaddy 1 November 2022

A military vehicle is hit by a blast on the Mandalay-Yangon expressway in Natogyi Township on Monday.  / Natogyi-PDF

Around 14 regime personnel including army officers and a junta-appointed ward administrator were killed in the last two days as People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) continued to attack and ambush regime forces across the country.

Incidents were reported in Mandalay, Sagaing, Bago and Tanintharyi regions.

The Irrawaddy has rounded up the following reports of significant attacks by PDFs.

Some regime casualties could not be independently verified.

Two regime soldiers killed in land mine attack in Mandalay

Two military soldiers including a captain were killed and at least five others were injured in Natogyi Township, Mandalay Region on Monday morning when Natogyi-PDF used land mines to ambush a military vehicle on the Yangon-Mandalay express road, claimed the PDF group.

The vehicle carrying around 40 soldiers was ambushed near the 320-mile point on the road while traveling from Mandalay to Yangon.

Two soldiers were killed and five injured, the PDF group said citing military informants.

A video shot by the PDF shows a military vehicle being hit by a heavy blast.

Police station raided in Mandalay

The military regime reportedly used two helicopter gunships to attack villages and forested areas after the police station in Nwe Yone Village was raided by resistance groups in Singu Township, Mandalay Region on Monday, according to local media reports quoting the PDF groups that conducted the raid.

Casualties among PDF forces and civilians were unknown.

Four regime soldiers killed by PDF land mines in Mandalay

The entrance to Singu Township, Mandalay Region / CJ

At least four regime soldiers were reportedly killed in Singu Township, Mandalay Region when PDF groups ambushed a military convoy on Saturday and Sunday, local media outlet Mandalay Free Press reported, citing the PDF groups.

On Saturday evening, the PDF groups used a cluster of four land mines to ambush a military convoy of four vehicles near Shwe Pyi Village while the convoy was traveling from Madaya to Singu.

In the attack, a military vehicle was damaged and abandoned on the road and five other vehicles returned to Madaya Township.

Military casualties were unknown. On Sunday morning, the damaged military vehicle was dragged away by regime forces with another vehicle, the PDF groups said.

On Sunday morning, the PDFs ambushed a military convoy of six vehicles with a cluster of eight land mines near Shwe Pyi Village in Singu Township while they were traveling to Singu from Madaya Township.

In the attack, four soldiers were killed. Following the PDF ambushes, regime forces opened fire on villages nearby and arrested eight civilians near the area.

In the attacks, there were no PDF casualties.

Junta-run ward administration office attacked in Mandalay

The junta-run ward administration office in Pyigyidagon Township, Mandalay, which was bombed by PDF groups. / CJ

A junta-appointed ward administrator and a regime soldier were killed in Pyigyidagon Township, Mandalay Region on Monday morning when three PDF groups threw a grenade into the ward administration office in the township in the country’s second-biggest city, claimed Truth Keeping Force-Amarapura, which was involved in the attack.

Five other regime troops were injured, the PDF group said.

Three regime troops killed in PDF ambush in Sagaing

At least three regime soldiers including an officer were reportedly killed in Kale Township, Sagaing Region when PDF-Kalay used land mines to ambush seven junta soldiers searching for mines planted by PDF forces near a technology university in the township, claimed the resistance group.

After being ambushed, regime forces randomly opened fire.

On that morning, the PDF group also ambushed two military vehicles with three land mines near a bridge outside the town of Kale.

In the attack, a vehicle stopped on the road after being damaged. However, military casualties were unknown, the PDF group said.

Three junta police killed in PDF attacks in Sagaing

The resistance group Golden Eagle Force-Monywa claimed it and another PDF group used 40-mm bombs to attack the police station in the industrial zone of Monywa Township, Sagaing Region on Monday afternoon.

In the attack, three junta forces were killed, the PDF group claimed. All PDF members retreated from the area quickly as regime forces used civilian vehicles to search for resistance members in the area.

Pyu Saw Htee pro-regime militia members ambushed in Sagaing

Two pro-regime Pyu Saw Htee militia members were injured in Kanbalu Township, Sagaing Region on Monday when Taze PDF Battalion 16 used land mines to ambush six militia members on a vehicle in the township, said Taze Revolution Force-TRF.

In the attack, two militia members were hospitalized after suffering serious injuries.

Village bombed by junta drones in Tanintharyi

The remains of bombs dropped by junta drones during an attack on a village in Palaw Township on Monday. / Palaw-PDF

Military Battalion 285 used drones to drop a total of six bombs on a PDF-guarded village in Palaw Township, Tanintharyi Region on Monday afternoon, said Palaw-PDF.

In the attack, no PDF or civilian casualties were reported, but a civilian house was damaged by the junta drone strikes, the PDF group said.

Three junta police injured in PDF ambush in Bago

The signboard of Kanyutkwin Police Station in Phyu Township / CJ

Three junta police officers were injured in Phyu Township, Bago Region on Monday morning when an urban resistance group used mines to attack police near a police station in the town of Kanyutkwin, said Bago Region PDF.

All PDF fighters escaped from the area without any casualties.