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Ai Weiwei Miffed with US Artist Who Smashed $1 Million Vase

20 February 2014

Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei, who helped make his name smashing a valuable vase in the name of art, says he’s miffed about another artist destroying one of his vases in Florida. Maximo Caminero was charged with criminal mischief after destroying a vase valued at $1 million that was part of Ai’s exhibit at the Perez Art Museum Miami. The Florida artist said he smashed the vase on Sunday to protest the institution’s lack of displays of local artists. On Wednesday, Ai said damaging other people’s property didn’t support Caminero’s cause. The urn, dating back about 2,000 years to China’s Han Dynasty, was one of 16 on display that Ai had dipped in bright paint. On the wall behind them are large photographs of Ai smashing a Han Dynasty ceramic urn.—AP