Resistance Mine and Drone Attacks on Myanmar Junta Convoys Kill 17 Troops

By The Irrawaddy 20 July 2022

At least 17 Myanmar regime troops were reportedly killed on Tuesday in people’s defense force (PDF) mine and drone attacks in Myinmu Township, Sagaing Region.

An alliance of resistance groups ambushed a junta convoy with two mines on the Monywa-Mandalay highway near Pyaw and Nabaekyuu villages. More than 10 vehicles departed Sagaing Town and were attacked in Myinmu Township and at least five soldiers were killed, many others injured and a vehicle was destroyed, according to Myinmu PDF.

The PDFs said the convoy was carrying around 100 reinforcements to Monywa or Myaung townships.

“Myinmu is centrally located. Although we can’t fight soldiers face to face as we haven’t enough weapons, we try to cut off reinforcements,” said a Myinmu PDF spokeswoman.

The convoy was later attacked again with 10 mines by four resistance forces between Nabaekyuu and Kanpyar villages, about 10km from Myinmu Township.

Moe Nyo Revolution Force and its allies said it attacked the convoy twice and a vehicle was destroyed by a mine.

“They should be scared when they pass through our area. If they want to die, they should come,” said a representative of the Moe Nyo Revolution Force.

Another convoy carrying copper from western Monywa was attacked near Nabaekyuu village on Tuesday.

Two of the convoy’s 13 vehicles were destroyed in mine blasts, the group said.

Seven soldiers were killed in the two attacks, the representative told The Irrawaddy.

Around five troops were reportedly killed and many others injured when resistance forces used drones in Myinmu Township on Tuesday.

Around 20 soldiers looted ‌homes and detained a traveler on the Sagaing-Monywa highway near Htee Soung and Kan Pyar villages, Myinmu PDF said. The group claimed to have bombed the troops with drones.

Myinmu is a resistance stronghold in Sagaing Region and groups from Myinmu and Myingyan have frequently crossed the border into Mandalay Region to ambush junta troops.