Myanmar Post-Coup Death Toll Tops 540 Thursday

By The Irrawaddy 1 April 2021

After six more people were killed by the Myanmar military regime’s forces on Thursday, the country’s death toll at the hands of the regime topped 540.

Despite widespread condemnation by the people of Myanmar and the international community, the military regime has continued to intensify its deadly crackdowns and raids on anti-regime protesters and civilians.

The regime’s forces have not only used live rounds but also, reportedly, hand grenades and heavy explosives in their assaults on anti-regime demonstrations in the country.

As of Wednesday, about 536 people had been killed by the military regime’s forces since the Feb. 1 coup, according to Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP).

On Thursday afternoon, security forces violently attacked an anti-regime march in Myanmar’s second biggest city, Mandalay.

A member of a rescue society in the city told The Irrawaddy that at least two were killed and several injured in Sein Pan ward in Mahar Aung Myay Township, Mandalay.

He said that security forces also fired into houses and used heavy explosive ammunition during the crackdown on protesters.

Video of the confrontation in Mandalay shows a wounded protester being left behind alone by anti-regime protesters after security forces opened continuous gunfire and set off explosions that are believed to be bombs or hand grenades.

Also, since Monday, villagers have conducted an offensive against the military junta’s forces going to Kale town in Sagaing Region. Security forces planned to attack the anti-regime protest in the town but were met by villagers using traditional homemade percussion lock firearms.

From Thursday morning to evening, villagers and the junta’s forces clashed at a site 15 miles away from Kale town.

During the clashes, two villagers were killed and three were wounded by the regime forces’ gunfire, a female villager who assisting the injured people told The Irrawaddy.

She also said that an old man from her village was shot dead by regime forces while the man was at his home.

Currently, many villagers are fleeing their homes in fear of raids by security forces.

Thursday morning, a protester was killed with a fatal shot to the head and one person was wounded by security forces firing on an anti-regime protest in Monywa Township, Sagaing Region.

Throughout the intensified deadly crackdowns, tens of thousands of people across the country have continued to take to the streets daily to show their defiance of the military regime.

Several thousand members of the government staff are taking part the nationwide civil disobedience movement to defy military rule.


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