Displaced Civilians Injured in Myanmar Junta Attacks

By The Irrawaddy 8 March 2022

Two women have been wounded in Sound Du Lar village in Kayah State, where more than 100 displaced civilians were sheltering from Myanmar’s regime artillery.

The regime attacked the Demoso Township village repeatedly on Tuesday, although it is about 5km from the conflict zone.

At around 2am, a fighter jet bombed the village, destroying a church. Junta artillery later targeted the village.

“Sound Du Lar is not near the fighting. Only civilians are there. A woman was hit in the head,” said a Karenni Nationalities Defense Force representative.

Regime forces have repeatedly targeted civilian homes. On February 28, the regime used aircraft to bomb Lo Bar Kho village in Demoso Township, where around 3,000 displaced civilians are sheltering.

Damage in Sound Du Lar. / Karenni Nationalities Defense Force

The fighting intensified at the weekends and around 85 junta soldiers were reportedly killed during two clashes with resistance groups in Demoso.

Repeated firefights have occurred in the township since mid-February when around 700 regime troops with armored vehicles moved into the township.

Banyar, director of the Karenni Human Rights Group, said the regime is trying to intimidate civilians by shelling those fleeing the conflict.

“It’s a war crime. We will include it when we report our evidence of atrocities,” he said.

The regime is repeatedly using airstrikes, attacks from armored vehicles and artillery in Demoso, firing hundreds of shells per day.

On January 17, a junta airstrike killed three civilians, including a seven-year-old girl, in a displacement camp in Hpruso Township in the state.

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