Burned Bodies Found After Myanmar Junta Raid in Sagaing

By The Irrawaddy 31 May 2022

Four civilians were found dead after Myanmar’s regime troops raided and torched a village in Yinmabin Township, an anti-regime stronghold in Sagaing Region.

Lae Ngauk villagers said junta soldiers arrived on Friday and set houses on fire for two days. The village had 450 houses.

Villagers returned when soldiers left for adjacent Pale Township on Monday and found a man shot in the head, three burned bodies and around 50 houses torched.

“The legs and hands of the three unidentified burned bodies were tied with cables and they were found in two burned houses. The victim who was shot in the head was from Myaing who dug wells in Yinmabin,” Yinmabin Information Group said. “The villagers are still confirming if others are missing.”

Residents said junta troops looted valuables and food. Three vehicles from the village monasteries were burned out.

Yinmabin is known for its resistance to the regime. Soldiers raid the township frequently and thousands of civilians have fled. During May nearly 200 houses were burned down.

The United Nations refugee agency, the UNHCR, estimated that Sagaing Region has the highest number of displaced civilians since the 2021 coup, with an estimated 240,600.