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Feasibility Studies Underway for 6 Salween Dams: Report

4 October 2013

Burma’s government has approved carrying out feasibility studies for six hydropower dams on the Salween River, which runs through Shan, Karen and Mon states, government newspaper The New Light of Myanmar reports. The dams are planned at Kunlong, Naung Khar, Mann Taung, Mongton, Ywathit and Hagyi. The paper reports that five projects—the 29-megawatt Upper Biluchaung dam, the 101-mw Tarpein dam, the 40-mw Pyu dam, the 40-mw Nancho dam and the 140-mw Upper Paunglaung dam—are being constructed and will come online in the next few years. NGOs and ethnic rebel groups oppose many of the projects due to their environmental and social impacts.