Zaw Zaw
[gallery type="square" ids="113168,113173,113174,113176,113170,113169,113175,113171,113172,113177"] MANDALAY— Sunye natural lake in Sintgaing Township, Mandalay Division, is famous for its blossoming lotus flowers in the rainy season and migratory birds in the cool season. Local residents say that visitors to the lake are on the rise this year. Located between the city of Mandalay and the town of Kyaukse, the large inland body of standing water is known as “little Inle,” in reference to Inle Lake in southern Shan State. Most local residents derive their livelihoods from lotus weaving. As visitors increasingly flock for days out on the lake, fresh business opportunities have popped up in the form of boat rides and snack stalls. However, the authorities now prohibit the common visitor habit of picking lotus flowers, because it endangered the visits of migratory birds and impaired the lake’s natural beauty.

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