Myanmar's Civilian Government Jails Resistance Fighters for Murders

By The Irrawaddy 24 February 2023

Myanmar’s civilian National Unity Government (NUG) has jailed 10 members of the People’s Security and Defense Force (PSDF) in Muse Township, Shan State, for killing their comrades.

Under orders from their leader Shwe Li, PSDF members attempted to kill 14 former colleagues who left the group on November 23 last year. In response, the NUG with ethnic armed groups and community elders formed a tribunal into the case.

Six former members were killed immediately, four were detained and four escaped with injuries. The four detainees were later released.

Four PSDF members, including Shwe Li, were convicted of the killings and handed 20-year sentences with hard labor on February 6. Six other members who were involved in the killings were given five years in prison with hard labor. Fifteen other members were deported from Muse and the PSDA was officially disbanded on February 19, according to the NUG’s Muse command.

In another case, two members of the GZ Special Task Force resistance group attempted to kill the head of a People’s Defense Force (PDF) in Sartaunggyi village, Wetlet Township, Sagaing Region, last Friday. The two reportedly fired multiple shots at U Hsan with an automated rifle. But the 56-year-old survived and filed a complaint with the NUG’s police in Wetlet.

The police reported that two GZ members attempted to kill him. Three PDFs provided security for the investigating police.

Officers also arrested two other suspects who had allegedly ordered the killing. According to resistance groups in Wetlet, the attempted assassination was driven by personal grudges. The four will be tried at an NUG court.