Myanmar Rock Stars Arrested After Alleged Late-Night Violence

By Moe Myint 23 June 2017

YANGON – Two well-known rock stars, Htoo El Lynn and Cobra, were arrested by police after they allegedly physically assaulted a taxi driver and a woman on the corner of U Wisara and Shwedagon Pagoda roads in Yangon on Thursday night, according to Yangon Police.

The police report stated Soe Hlaing Shein and Nay Lin Thin—the real names of Htoo El Lynn and Cobra, respectively—were swearing at residents when police arrived, and were arrested for possession of an axe.

Local reporter Lumin Thaung Tun said on his Facebook page that the private car of the two singers collided with a taxi near the traffic lights at the junction, prompting the two singers to leave their vehicle and for Htoo El Lynn to smash the windshield of the taxi with an axe from inside his car.

According to the reporter, local Dagon Township residents said a woman who emerged from the taxi was pleading with Cobra to stop the attack after Htoo El Lynn punched the driver in the face.

Htoo El Lynn, who was reportedly very drunk and aggressive, went on to attack the woman.

Locals who attempted to mediate the quarrel were reportedly cursed at by the singers. After police were called they reportedly applauded the officers and chanted “act in line with law.”

The Yangon Police statement said they visited the scene after an emergency call from residents and detained two suspects at Dagon Township police station on Thursday night.

The Yangon Police Act Section 30 states that any weapon or material which could be used to commit a crime could be held by police without a warrant and those in possession imprisoned for at least three months, if the person cannot give a reason for the possession.

The police did not see the alleged victims of the crime but have opened a case against the two singers, according to the Friday afternoon statement.

An officer from Dagon Township police station told The Irrawaddy on Friday afternoon that the suspects had appeared in court but he did not know if they were granted bail or not. After a medical examination the pair were found to be drunk.

Some netizens commented under the police statement on Friday that the two singers are known for abusing drugs. Some said they should have been arrested with a harsher charge as possession of an axe is not the same as using it as a weapon.

Both singers came to prominence in the early 2000s: Htoo El Lynn with his debut album Angel Violin and Cobra became well known for his hit singles.