Myanmar Regime Bombs Displacement Hub at Monastery in Chin State

By The Irrawaddy 25 January 2023

Junta air attacks on Mindat Township, Chin State have injured at least eight people and targeted a monastery organizing shelter for displaced residents, according to the local civilian People’s Authority.

The regime carried out eight airstrikes in Mindat between January 7 and 23, said the Chinland Defense Force (CDF).

Houses damaged by junta airstrikes in Mindat. / Mindat People’s Authority

The most recent air raids took place at the weekend, said Salai Yaw Marn, spokesman of Mindat People’s Authority.

“They dropped bombs from the air on Jan. 21 and 22 and fired artillery. They also bombed near the rural health care center where they believed those injured [in the strikes] would be taken. There were no fatalities, but some eight people were injured,” said Salai Yaw Marn.

The unprovoked air and artillery strikes damaged houses, a monastery, and a religious hall at two villages in northern Mindat. A regime battalion based in Mindat town also shelled another village nearby, according to the People’s Authority. The attacks forced residents of targeted villages to flee their homes.

The People’s Authority said regime forces deliberately targeted the Buddhist monastery in Paleik Htwi village as it was housing the township’s committee for internally displaced persons (IDPs). The attack injured committee members and damaged relief supplies, the IDP committee said.

Mindat CDF has warned residents to dig foxholes to protect themselves against junta air raids.

The Chin National Organization/Chin National Defense Force issued a statement on Tuesday, vowing continue fighting together with other revolutionary forces until the military dictatorship is toppled.

Junta forces attacked the Mt. Victoria headquarters of the Chin National Front, the political wing of the Chin National Army, near the Myanmar-India border on Jan. 10 and 11. The attacks killed five CNF members and injured many others.