Junta Imposes Curfew in Myanmar’s Capital Naypyitaw

By The Irrawaddy 19 September 2022

Myanmar’s military regime has imposed a curfew in the country’s capital Naypyitaw, prohibiting the gathering of five people or more.

The curfew was imposed in all eight of Naypyitaw’s townships on the basis that some residents are acting to undermine public safety, rule and order, according to statements issued by junta-appointed township administrators.

Marches and public speeches are also barred under the curfew. All residents are also prohibited from leaving their homes between midnight and 4am.

The curfew in the headquarters of the regime comes after Naypyitaw People’s Defense Force (PDF) developed improvised artillery that can hit targets up to five kilometers away. Last week, Naypyitaw-PDF used the new heavy weapons to support resistance groups fighting regime forces in Moebye in southern Shan State’s Pekon Township.

In August, Naypyitaw-PDF used grenades to attack junta forces guarding the Dekkhinathiri Township Court in Naypyitaw, according to the group.

Last October, a series of blasts in Naypyitaw targeted the Myanmar Police’s Criminal Investigation Department and the office of the Directorate of Procurement of the Commander-in-Chief of Defense Services (Army) in Pobbathiri Township.

Regime forces are currently facing near-daily attacks from PDFs and ethnic armed organizations across the country.