Burma’s Miss Supranational Deemed One of Pageant World’s ‘Most Beautiful Girls’

By San Yamin Aung 9 January 2014

RANGOON — Burmese beauty queen Khin Wint Wah, the 19-year-old winner of Miss Myanmar Supranational 2013, continues to generate Internet buzz, being selected among the top six “Most Beautiful Girls of the Year 2013” by international pageant watcher The Beauties Concept on Wednesday.

“She was chosen in the top six among over 700 beauty queens from all international beauty pageant competitions,” Wai Yan Aung, founder of the Miss Golden Land Myanmar organization, told The Irrawaddy on Thursday.

“I am incomparably happy,” Khin Wint Wah told The Irrawaddy. “I didn’t expect that I would be selected in the top six. I will always remember it.”

Wai Yan Aung said there were more than 10 international beauty pageant competitions in 2013 and The Beauties Concept selected an initial 100 nominees from all competitions, before whittling the list down to 50 candidates. From there, The Beauties Concept chose 11 top candidates, with a 12th finalist chosen by popular vote. The final six were also the decision of The Beauties Concept judges.

Miss Myanmar Supranational 2013 Khin Wint Wah at the competition in Belarus. (Photo: Facebook / Miss Golden Land Myanmar)
Miss Myanmar Supranational 2013 Khin Wint Wah at the competition in Belarus. (Photo: Facebook / Miss Golden Land Myanmar)

“There was no voting system for the selection of the top six. The international beauty pageant judges chose the top six from the top 12,” said Wai Yan Aung, whose Miss Golden Land Myanmar organized Burma’s Miss Supranational competition last year.

He added that another Burmese beauty queen, Burma’s 2013 Miss Universe titleholder Moe Set Wine, was the popular vote winner to round out The Beauties Concept’s top 12 finalists.

“The video records of candidates’ competitions, the activities, the interviews, the photos and also the body were all included in the judging,” Wai Yan Aung said.

Khin Wint Wah has also made it into the upper echelons of three other international beauty pageant monitoring websites, placing among the world’s top 27 “Most Gorgeous Women” by The Ideal Beauty, the top 40 of The Ideal Miss, and the top 50 of the Global Beauties, he said.

“She is very friendly and her friendship among international competitors and professionals is really strong so people support her both locally and internationally,” he said.

Khin Wint Wah, who won the Miss Myanmar Supranational 2013 in August, also took home the People’s Choice and the Miss Supranational Internet awards during the Miss Supranational competition in Belarus last year.

The Beauties Concept’s “Most Beautiful Girl of the Year” for 2013 was Miss Venezuela Earth, Alyz Henrich. Beauty pageant winners from the Philippines, Serbia and Spain joined Khin Wint Wah in the top six.

The Irrawaddy reporter May Myanmar contributed to this report.