Sedona Hotel Brings Taste of China to Myanmar

By Lwin Mar Htun 8 August 2019

YANGON—Sedona Hotel Yangon is celebrating China’s most traditional festival, the mid-autumn moon festival, with a special treat.

Traditionally, during this festival relatives from all over the world reunite to worship, watch the moon and eat mooncake while wishing one another good luck and a happy life.

This year, the actual celebration falls on Sept. 13, but the Sedona Hotel began accepting premium mooncake packages orders—offering the classic flavor of the traditional festival delicacy—as early bird orders on Aug. 2, and will continue taking orders until Sept. 1.

The upscale hotel introduced their mooncakes this year at a private tasting in the hotel ballroom for media personnel and special guests on Aug. 2. The event featured a Chinese lion dance and performances by traditional singers and dancers, plus several lucky draw programs.

The Hotel is offering a total of nine different flavors of handmade mooncakes, including red bean, lotus and black sesame with either single yolk or pumpkin seed each; durian with single yolk; green tea with pumpkin seed; and green tea with red bean.

Red bean with single yolk and green tea with red bean are my personal favorites. The cake’s layers are not too thick and are stuffed with a delicious paste filling—just heavenly.

The cakes come served with Chinese jasmine tea and red wine; the jasmine tea is the cake’s perfect compliment.

The Chinese traditionally give mooncake as a gift to friends and family during the mid-autumn festival as an offering to wish them a long life full of good luck. Sedona Hotel’s premium, prepared mooncake boxes are the perfect gift to give at this year’s moon festival to your family and friends.

Premium boxes include 6 pieces of mooncake and your choice of a jasmine tea box or bottle of red wine. They cost $39 (58,748 kyats) per box but, during the early bird discount special currently running, they are 15 percent off.