War Against the Junta

At Least 20 Myanmar Junta Troops Killed in Two Days of Resistance Attacks

By The Irrawaddy 8 December 2022

At least 20 Myanmar regime forces were killed in the last two days as People’s Defense Force groups (PDFs) and ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) continued to attack regime targets across the country.

In one case, the junta restarted a conflict with an ethnic rebel group in northern Shan State.

Incidents were reported in Shan and Kachin states and Sagaing and Mandalay regions.

Some military casualties could not be independently verified.

Junta clashes with another EAO in Shan

TNLA troops / The Irrawaddy

Renewed fighting erupted in northern Shan State between ethnic rebel group the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and regime forces on Wednesday near two villages, according to local media reports.

The fighting started in the afternoon when five junta helicopters dropped regime forces in the EAO’s area, TNLA Lieutenant Colonel Tar Eaik Kyaw told local media outlet Than Lwin Khet News.

During the clashes, junta helicopter gunships and artillery at a military base in Nansang, attacked the resistance forces to help junta ground troops, the TNLA said.

Intense clash in Kachin

KIA troops / The Irrawaddy

An intense clash broke out in Hpakant Township, Kachin State on Tuesday and Wednesday when the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and allied PDF forces attacked regime forces stationed at a monastery in Hmawbon Village, according to local media reports.

During the clash, regime forces detained many displaced civilians who were sheltering at the monastery. On Wednesday morning, regime forces departed from the village after taking civilian detainees as human shields.

Citing residents, local media reported that 40 regime forces and two resistance fighters were killed in the clash. The Irrawaddy was unable to verify the casualty figures independently, however.

Six junta forces killed by PDF land mine in Sagaing

Regime forces are ambushed with a land mine in Myaung Township on Tuesday. / 11 BRF

Local resistance group 11 Brothers Revolution Forces claimed to have killed six junta forces when it used a remote-controlled land mine to ambush an advance unit of a military detachment in Myaung Township, Sagaing Region on Tuesday morning.

The junta troops were ambushed while returning to their base in Kyaukyit Village after burning Shwe Bon Thar Village.

A video shot by the PDF shows junta troops facing a heavy blast.

Eight junta soldiers killed in daring PDF attack in Sagaing

Resistance fighters engage in an intense clash with regime forces in Pale Township on Tuesday. / Bo Japan

Eight regime forces were killed and many others injured in Pale Township, Sagaing Region on Tuesday when combined PDF groups attacked 200 regime forces and Pyu Saw Htee pro-regime militia members from the pro-regime Inmahtee Village, said the People Revolution Army, which was involved in the attack.

Regime forces were ambushed at the entrance of the village as they were coming out.

A PDF video shows many resistance fighters with improvised firearms engaging in a heavy clash with regime forces.

Regime forces bombed in Sagaing

A PDF drone drops an improvised bomb on regime targets in the town of Monywa on Wednesday. / UHF

A junta soldier was killed and three others injured in the town of Monywa, Sagaing Region on Tuesday evening when three PDF groups used drones to drop bombs on regime forces at a military checkpoint, said the PDF group Urban Hunter Force, which joined the attack.

The regime forces were attacked while they were inspecting and extorting money from civilian motorbikes and vehicles.

An aerial video shot by the PDF shows a drone dropping an improvised bomb on regime targets.

Two regime forces killed in PDF drone strikes in Sagaing

Regime forces flee shortly after being bombed by PDF drones in Ayadaw Township on Wednesday. / NDRF

Two junta soldiers were killed and some others injured in Ayadaw Township, Sagaing Region on Wednesday when three PDF groups conducted drone strikes on regime forces extorting money from civilians on the Ayadaw-Monywa Highway, said the resistance group Ngwe Dwin Revolution Force, which joined the attack.

The PDF groups continued to drop bombs on regime forces hiding in a nearby civilian house after fleeing the drone strikes.

An aerial video shot by the PDF group shows regime forces fleeing after being bombed by the PDF drones.

Three regime forces killed by PDF mines in Mandalay

A military vehicle is ambushed with land mines in Madaya Township on Tuesday. / Natsoe

Resistance group Natsoe claimed to have killed three regime forces and injured many others when it used two land mines to ambush a military vehicle traveling between two villages in Madaya Township, Mandalay Region on Tuesday.

All PDF members escaped from the area without casualties despite regime forces randomly opening fire.