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By The Irrawaddy 5 May 2012

DKBA Leader to Surrender or Die: Thai Deputy PM

Thailand, corrupt to the core with graft, prostitution and pervasive drug peddling started blood thirsty summary executions in the name of suppressing drug dealing. Despite no apparent change in levels of drug dealing their thirst for blood started by Thaksin continues.
A direct threat to the life of a Burmese citizen outside the due process of law which no Asians seem to care about shows how corrupt Asian values have become, both Thai and Burmese. – Ohn

Govt Helicopter Reportedly Shells KIO Bases

The Burmese Army are not only the shock troops for America and Europe but also for Indian and Chinese business interests. The Kachin are caught between Western capitalism and Chinese style capitalism. Meanwhile common people die. – Tim Rackett

NLD MPs Important for Burma: US, UK and Canada

I quote “..the foreign ministers of the United States, Britain and Canada unanimously termed the event as an important moment for Burma’s future.” I would rather say the event is an important moment for Western investment’s future. – Phyo Oo

Dawei in Doubt as Thai Port Talk Grows

IDT has open pit coal mining in Mae Moh. It produces several million tons of coal every year.
A typical 400 MW coal power plant will burn 1 million ton of coal in a year.
A 4000 MW coal fired power plant will burn 10 million tons of coal every year.
3600 MW (90%) will be sent to Thailand.
Burma will get a small potion (400 MW).
As an extra reward, our country will get 40 million tons of carbon dioxide in our sky and 3 million tons of toxic waste ash and sludge on our land every year. – Hlaing Oo

NLD Should Work ‘Constructively’ with Govt: US

Mr Obama should work on the US economy first before advising other countries. – Lalaji

DKBA Threatens to Close Thai Border Trade

The Thai government need to show solid evidence that Saw La Pwe was involved in drug trafficking and producing if they genuinely believe he was involved in the drug trade.
I know why the Thai government is doing this to Saw Lah Pwe. It is as a favour to the Burmese government who want to get rid of Saw Lah Pwe. – Sai Lin Kan

Burma to Relax Visa Rules

It is very good news for tourists, but what about for others on business visas?
Foreigners on business visas are only permitted to stay for 70 days. This means that even though they can get 6 months or one year multi-entry business visas, they have to leave the country every 70 days.
It causes unnecessary expenses to Myanmar business people, employers and NGO donors.
For example if someone has to go from Rangoon to Bangkok then return to Rangoon.
If they have to leave every 70 days they have to leave five times a year.
Every departure requires an air ticket ($330) accommodation and food (estimate $80) which is usually paid by the employer. This comes to $410 an exit.
$410 x 5 = $2,050 excluding visa fees. This is for a single foreigner.
If a company employs 10 foreigners, this will come to $20500.
Most of this money goes to Thailand not Burma.
In addition it disrupts their work every time they have to leave.
Furthermore it also causes difficulties for tourists who want to buy air tickets if there are 300 foreigners in the country who have to take a flight every 70 days. If they did not have to leave as often tourists could take their seats.
I personally think that there should be some change to this immigration policy to encourage  business development in Burma. – Myo Chit

Suu Kyi’s NLD to Join Parliament on Wednesday

Now it is time for the military guys who took up 25% of the seats in Parliament to feel the heat as Amay Suu is coming. My advice is to support the abolition of all unjust clauses in the 2008 Constitution in Parliament. You will be part of an historic achievement, democracy in Burma. It is your duty to serve the people and to discard all past wrong-doing. – Timothy

Saffron Crackdown Commander in Parliament Stirs Outrage

Col. Aung Kyaw is easily recognized, because he ordered the killing of the Buddhist Monks. Other killers in the Parliament are not so easily recognized because they killed minority peoples. – Ali Tanggoon

Rohingyas in India Demand Full Refugee Status

I request that all human rights organisations and NGOs should help the Rohingya to find the right solution.
Today they are helpless both inside and outside the country. On humanitarian grounds the UNHCR should help them otherwise they will lose trust and support in the future.
The Rohingya are facing systematic discrimination on the grounds of religion, race, culture and politics so all neighbouring countries should seriously consider how to bring about a solution to this problem. –  M.Hussain Azmi