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By The Irrawaddy 15 September 2012

Burmese Govt Fosters Religious Intolerance: US Official

Mr. McDonough’s speech before the US Conference of Catholic Bishops is biased and contradictory. He mentioned preferential treatment to Buddhists and imprisonment of Buddhist monks in the same speech. I think he is confused. Although Buddhism is the predominant faith, other religions have flourished. Look at the growing number of Muslims during the last century. If Buddhist Myanmar suppressed and discriminated against other religions, particularly Islam, how could they grow at such a phenomenal rate in the country, particularly in the South and the West?

—U Ngwe Winm

Govt Invites KIO to Naypyidaw

Aung Min said, “I personally do not have power within the army.” It means the government is not able to control the army. But then the article says: “Aung Min rejected allegations reported in the media that the Burmese army was refusing, on occasion, to take orders from the president with regard to ceasing hostilities in KIO areas.”

They look like car brokers in Yangon, doing anything they can to sell their funny Road Map.


NLD MPs Win Arbitration Cases

What a feeling of change to see rules by man transforming into the rule by law. The winds of change still need to blow harder to reach the proposition that all men are equal before the law, in a true democracy where the government is for the people, by the people and of the people.

—The Burmese Freedom Fighter

Ethics of MOGE and Gas Money

The biggest—but most important—challenge is to build and maintain good institutions. “Sunlight is the best antiseptic”—in other words, transparency will be the most powerful lever for accountability.

—Terry Evans

Exiled Communist to Return for Final Tribute

Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu (Well done, well done, well done).

Much as it is welcome to all of us who admire this distinguished old veteran of a historic series of struggles/campaigns and true son of Burma, you’ve got to give it to the government as this has to be the ultimate reconciliation point scoring.

—Moe Aung