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By The Irrawaddy 18 August 2012

Suu Kyi’s Silence on Rohingya Draws Rare Criticism

Daw Suu is a politician but one of the most honest politicians the world could ever find. When she was asked if Rohingya should be granted Burmese citizen, she answered, “I don’t know,” which was the truth. She could have answered differently to bolster her popularity internationally but she did not. She wouldn’t hesitate to answer it had she known if what the other groups were stating were true irrespective of what her political stance might look.
–myichi tarheel

Suu Kyi is concerned about the Buddhist majority and their vote in the next election. Even Nelson Mandela blinked on the question of nationalization of South African mines, but he never wavered on human rights. The Rohingya issue is going to be the test of Suu Kyi’s leadership. These are the drawbacks of a “single issue” party like the NLD. The main concentration was on “democracy.” There was never a broad-based platform on the country’s future, except for vague statements on education, health and the “rule of law.” Be brave, Suu Kyi, like how you stood up to the generals. The world is waiting.

It’s not just the Rohingya issue that she is silent about. She is also silent on the continuing fighting in ethnic states, especially in Kachin and Shan states. Actually, she has the effective voice to speak against all the violence occurring in the Union of Burma. Why hasn’t she done it for national reconciliation? How can the ethnic people depend on her. What kind of Nobel Peace prize winner is she?

American Muslims Launch ‘Burma Task Force USA’

Very important steps launched by the American Muslims but it’s not enough—we have to do more. The killers of innocent human beings must be brought to the justice so that in future nobody could dare to do it again. Otherwise, human nature would never forgive those responsible.

If any organizations are sincere to aid suffering people in Arakan State, they should not aid only Rohingyas, but should help Arakanese also. It is unfair to help one side with millions of dollars. Both Arakanese and Rohingyas are hurt the same. Both have no homes to sleep, no place to live.
–Sai Sai

Opposition Leader Suu Kyi Meets President

We understand that all the details of the two-hour Daw Suu-President U Thein meeting cannot be released to the public. However, the people have the right to know in general terms what main subjects are discussed. Of course, sensitive issues can be kept secret until the right time, but in the parliamentary democracy we are now trying to build, people must be kept in the know. Let us not repeat the mistakes of the past 50-odd years, when the people were purposely kept in the dark.
–U Ngwe Winm August 14, 2012 – 7:02 am

Burma Navy Chief Selected as New Vice President

Somewhere this is still deeply sickening, nauseating… and as the whole world can see a repeat sham.

Beautiful. This is Burmese democracy. Nothing more to say.
–Hasan Md Abdur Rouf

Once our country had the “Burmese Way to Socialism.” Now we are on the “Burmese Way to Democracy” or the “Generals’ Way to Democracy.” This shows that our country is still under a military regime, and the US and Western countries don’t see it—they are totally blind, or they are pretending not to see it.

Turkey’s Arakan Access Shows Govt Sincere: UN

The Saudi and Turkish grants should not discriminate between Rohingya and Rakhine victims. Any discrimination will only increase mistrust and hatred between these two rival groups. Peaceful reconciliation and communal harmony is the only way to the sustainable solution of the crisis.
–Muhammad Abu Musa

The whole situation is a mess. First the authorities must get everything under control. Everybody else must help if he or she can, not throw rocks and fire-bombs or fan the fire already raging. The Myanmar government has more than enough problems on its hand to solve. It is for the sake of the people in misery that we are all concerned.