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By The Irrawaddy 12 May 2012

DKBA Calls on US Drug Agency to Investigate Thai Allegation

Of course, what the DKBA leader said is right. Why aren’t the current Thai authorities not trying to arrest former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who fled Thailand in 2008? Is Thailand’s justice system just one government and one justice system?–Kyaw Htin

IMF Upbeat on Burma, as Long as Reforms Continue

IMF will loan money as long as multinational companies get free hand to rape the country and press-gang the citizens.—Ohn

Censor Bans Reports of VP’s Resignation

How can a government sincerely on a ‘path to democracy’ possibly not allow media to publish news about its country’s changes?
Who is fooling who about the changes?
How about if they put their energy into stopping the army attacks instead of media freedom if the changes are sincere and credible.—Kerry

Burmese President Will Lead Peace Committee

We should hope that all politicians in Burma adopt the popular proverb “Chit Za Go She-ze, Mone Za Go To-ze” ( meaning “Extend the Love String and Shorten the Hate String”). All the Best! —KML

Burma’s Frontier Appeal Lures Shadowy Oil Firms

Feeding Frenzy of the Shady Sharks. This “opening up” if not done slowly and carefully will ruin the environment and destroy the way of life of the rural population of Burma (without making them any richer). Who is going to profit from all of this? —Tocharian

Rangoon Hair Factory Strikers Win Wage Hike

This is a very good sign for the Myanmar workforce.
Myanmar workers are treated like slaves in workplaces everywhere, especially in factories owned by Myanmar nationals or foreigners.

They have to work overtime hours usually with no extra  pay. They do not have weekends off or proper days off.

These actions reduce the workers’ efficiency.Employers do not care about workers welfare, health and safety issues.

The Government should observe how developed countries like the UK and US adopt very strong and adequate labour/employment laws for both employers and employees.
Employers and employees must understand what are their rights and what disciplines and punishments are allowed.—Violet

Burmese Army Threatens to Wipe Out the KIA

This is the army who, last December, President Thein Sein ordered to desist from attacking the KIA. Is the President a liar, or can he not control the army? (In other words, is Than Shwe still running things?) —Sai Lang Kham

Burma’s Reforms Leave Forgotten Political Prisoners

All political prisoners should be released now as the country is moving towards being a democratic state. The government knows very well what is happening though sometimes it pretends not to hear or know. All undemocratic laws made before to harass political activists should be abolished. These unjust laws are against human rights and the UN charter.—Oo Maung Gyi

NLD MPs Discuss Trade, Aid with Australian Ministers

The Australian Government has never imposed trade or investment restrictions against Myanmar. The total of assets seized according to the latest disclosures of the Reserve Bank of Australia is Aus$ 0.00. These assets have now been released to their owners. The latter are under a moral obligation to return these AUS$ 0.00 to Australia if sanctions were ever to be reimposed. That leaves a possible resumption of travel restrictions against hapless Burmese students victims of activist targeting. “Broadest consultation” on ODA is practically meaningless.
Not much leverage there, methinks.—Derek Tonkin