Myanmar Regime Forces Stop Buses, Beat Passengers in Yangon

By The Irrawaddy 3 April 2021

The Myanmar military regime’s forces beat and kicked bus passengers in Yangon’s North Okkalapa Township on Friday, according to witnesses.

Regime forces pulled over several Yangon Bus Service (YBS) buses near Kan Thar Yar Park on Thudhama Road, one of the major roads in North Okkalapa Township, and abused the passengers. Eyewitnesses said they saw the regime’s forces pull the buses over and beat the passengers.

“They told the passengers to get off [the bus] and kneel down. They beat not only the passengers but also the drivers,” said a witness.

Following the incident, buses began taking alternate routes through lanes to avoid the security forces on Thudhama Road, prompting residents of the lanes to leave their houses to see what was happening. This in turn prompted security forces to open fire on residential wards.

“When residents went out to see what happened after they saw buses driving through their wards, security forces came and fired shots at the wards. They swore loudly and viciously as they shot,” said a ward resident.

A passenger who witnessed the beating wrote on her Facebook: “They got on YBS [Line No.] 64 and kicked the driver. They kicked the male passengers provocatively at gunpoint, telling them to fight back if they were men. And they also pulled the hair of female passengers and slapped them in their faces.”

Security forces also searched some houses and a printing business in Kan Thar Yar, said ward residents.

On March 3, at least 20 people were killed and dozens were injured during security forces’ crackdown on anti-regime protesters in North Okkalapa. The military regime has also imposed martial law in the township.

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