Myanmar Military Air Bases Attacked in Magwe and Meiktila

By The Irrawaddy 29 April 2021

Myanmar military air bases in Magwe and Meiktila were attacked with rockets early Thursday morning. Later on Thursday, two civilians in Magwe were reportedly shot by junta forces searching for the perpetrators of the attack, and one was seriously injured.

The air base in Magwe was attacked around 3 am. Regime troops subsequently searched Sanyoe and Sankan villages from where it is believed the attack was launched. The two villages lie six miles to the southeast of the air base.

“I heard five rounds of rocket fire. Others said they heard seven. We don’t know yet if any damage was caused. People were questioned this morning at their farms by the soldiers. Some houses in the villages were also searched. No one has been arrested so far. They are still searching houses,” a local villager told The Irrawaddy.

Two civilians in Magwe city were reportedly shot on Thursday morning close to the No.1 police station, with one seriously injured, as junta forces stopped and questioned local people. Security was tightened across the city and the bridge linking Magwe and Minbu was closed, said a Magwe resident.

Meiktila air base was also attacked on early Thursday morning. There were also explosions at a military logistics unit, immigration office and vehicle registration office, said residents.

The shells fell near the housing of aircraft maintenance officers between 3 am and 5 am, according to a resident who lives near the air base. He said he also heard an explosion around 6 am, followed by a military helicopter flying low on an aerial search of the surrounding area.

The military confirmed the attacks during its online press conference on Thursday afternoon.

“Regarding the attacks on Magwe and Meiktila air bases, Magwe air base was attacked

with four 107mm rockets at 3am on April 29, fired from a farm between Thabyay San

and Sankan villages. Three rockets fell on the farm and one landed on the road. One

building was damaged a little. Similarly, this morning from 5 am to 9 am, five 107mm

rockets were fired at Meiktila air base and they landed on the runway. No one was

injured,” said Captain Aye Thazin Myint from the junta’s information team.

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