Villager Dies After Being Abducted and Tortured by Myanmar Junta Forces

By The Irrawaddy 28 April 2021

A resident of the Chaungma village of Kani Township in Sagaing Region died after being abducted by junta forces on Tuesday.

Ko Kyaw Naing, 36, was arrested along with another villager at a checkpoint by soldiers and police.

A brutal crackdown in Kani Township in mid-April left at least six civilians dead after a shootout between the regime’s security forces and a civilian protection group formed by anti-regime protesters. At least 20 people are still missing.

Following the shootout, soldiers raided Chaungma village, forcing villagers to flee their homes. Clashes between the resistance and junta forces have been reported in villages near Chaungma in previous weeks.

On Wednesday, when Ko Kyaw Naing ‘s family members were seeking to bail him out they learned he had been killed and his body was at Kani hospital. Family members and villagers who witnessed the injuries and bruises on his body believe that he was tortured to death while in custody.

“He was severely bruised on his chest, both shoulders, thigh and back. It seemed he was kicked and [stomped on],” a family member said.

The funeral was held on Wednesday evening. Known as an honest person living a simple life, Ko Kyaw Naing, earned his living by doing casual jobs and was not a political activist. He leaves behind his wife and two young children.

“I despise this injustice. I want to say that we, people [of Myanmar], will keep fighting together until the military dictatorship is eradicated,” his brother said.

No information was available about the other detained villager as of Wednesday evening. Since the Feb. 1 coup, at least 755 people have been killed by the junta’s forces.

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