Myanmar Junta Soldiers Killed in Chin State Clashes

By The Irrawaddy 21 May 2021

Ten junta troops were reportedly killed in and around the Chin State capital Hakha on Tuesday and Wednesday, as shootouts between local resistance fighters and regime forces continued in urban areas and the surrounding hills.

Seven junta troops died and 19 were injured on Tuesday, while three more soldiers died and five were injured on Wednesday, according to Chinland Defense Force-Hakha.

The civilian resistance fighters carried out attacks on junta forces in three different locations on Tuesday evening. A security outpost near Hakha University, the 6th Intersection on the Hakha-Htantalan road and military trucks carrying reinforcements on the Hakha-Gangaw road were targeted in the attacks.

“We attacked a military truck with bombs at the 6th Intersection on the Hakha-Htantalan road. Eyewitnesses said four junta troops died. Many more were injured. There were around 16 junta troops in each truck,” said a civilian resistance fighter.

Chinland Defense Force-Hakha fighters also ambushed a military convoy on the Hakha-Gangaw road that was carrying reinforcements.

Later that evening, regime forces used drones to locate the hideout of civilian resistance fighters and then shelled it with artillery. But the civilian resistance forces managed to evacuate.

On the following day, Chinland Defense Force fighters ambushed military trucks taking around 70 junta troops from Hakha to Matupi. Three junta troops died and five were injured, said local residents. Over 30 motorbikes belonging to the Chinland Defense Force fighters were destroyed.

Junta troops subsequently raided Launglon village, nine miles from Hakha, on Thursday to search for civilian resistance fighters, forcing villagers to flee. Some houses and motorbikes were set on fire, said residents.

Local residents said that junta reinforcements from Kale in Sagaing Region arrived in Hakha on Thursday. Military personnel have now replaced police at the 6th Intersection outpost, and junta forces were also deployed in government offices and large buildings.

Chinland Defense Force-Hakha has urged locals to evacuate to safe places as the fighting is expected to intensify. However, most residents want to remain in their homes.

Clashes broke out initially in Hakha on May 2 and continued through May 4 after junta forces refused to release detained anti-regime protesters. Another round of fighting broke out on May 17. Over 20 junta soldiers have died in the clashes.

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