Myanmar Junta Forces Detain Mother and Brother of Bomb Suspect in Pyay

By The Irrawaddy 28 April 2021

Junta security forces have arrested the mother and brother of a man alleged to be involved in the manufacture of homemade bombs seized in Pyay, Bago Region. After junta forces failed to find the suspect, they detained his mother and brother in his place. Relatives said they have lost contact with the two since their arrest two weeks ago.

Security forces came for Ko Yan Naing Lin, who lives in Pyay’s Ywabe ward, on April 14 over his alleged involvement in homemade bombs seized in Pyay’s Khatara ward.

After failing to find Ko Yan Naing Lin at his home, junta forces arrested his 65-year-old mother and 28-year-old brother instead, as well as searching their house, local residents said.

“They took the mother as a hostage as they couldn’t find the son. Nothing illegal was found at their house in their search. We are worried about their well-being as they are being held incommunicado,” said a relative.

Their relatives have called for the immediate release of the pair as they have not done anything unlawful. Ko Yan Naing Lin has gone into hiding following the arrest of his family members.

Pyay has seen a number of civilian casualties from brutal crackdowns on anti-regime protesters. Residents said that junta forces are now arresting protesters and activists at night. But young anti-coup protesters are continuing their daily protests against the military regime in different ways.

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