Myanmar Issues COVID-19 Travel-Fit Certificates for Urgent Overseas Trips

By Zarni Mann 10 July 2020

Mandalay – The Ministry of Health and Sports’ National Health Laboratory (NHL) in Yangon has started COVID-19 tests to provide travel-fit certificates for urgent overseas travel.

The internal ministry memo said Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff, diplomatic staff, UN officials, other government employees and members of the public who need to be cleared to travel abroad can take the test at the NHL in Yangon.

The memo said the travel-fit certificate for COVID-19 shall be issued after the test at a cost of 200,000 kyats (US$147).

According to the NHL in Yangon, the test will take one day and require the presentation of an ID card, passport, flight ticket and the time of departure.

The test is available Monday to Friday, between 9:30am to 11 am from July 1.

The NHL did not provide further details.

Myanmar has reported 321 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with six deaths and 245 recoveries, as of Friday morning.

The Department of Civil Aviation under the Ministry of Transport and Communications extended the ban on international flights until July 31. Special, relief and cargo flights are allowed to operate.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has banned all kinds of visa until the end of July. Requests for diplomatic and United Nations visas should be made through Myanmar’s embassies.

Myanmar has banned on all kinds of visas and international flights since March.

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