Severe Flooding in Southern Thailand Kills 14

By The Associated Press 7 December 2016

BANGKOK — Severe flooding due to heavy rain in southern Thailand has killed 14 people, including five students, the interior ministry said Tuesday.

Six days of floods have affected 582,345 people in 11 of Thailand’s 76 provinces, the ministry said in a statement. One person is reportedly missing, while three others suffered injuries.

Trains have also been halted in one province off the Gulf of Thailand as the rails there were submerged under rising floodwaters.

Southern Thailand is a popular destination for visitors due to its scenic islands and beaches, and the floods are expected to put a dent in the area’s tourist industry, with the high season running from November to February.

However, the waters are receding, with three of the 11 provinces now off the list of flooded provinces. A fourth province is expected to be declared clear as well, an official at the interior ministry said.

But Thailand’s Meteorological Department forecasts more heavy rain next week for southern Thailand.