Rangoon’s Family Friendly Karaoke Joints

By Foodie Myanmar 19 August 2016

This week, Foodie Myanmar rounds up five family friendly karaoke joints in Rangoon.

mCube Family Karaoke

The second branch of this karaoke spot just opened in July and offers small, medium, large and VIP rooms. Small rooms hold four people and cost 10,000 kyats per hour; medium rooms hold eight people for 15,000 kyats per hour; large rooms hold 12 people for 25,000 kyats; and VIP rooms hold up to 25 people for 35,000 kyats. Large and VIP rooms include LED disco lights and mic stands. Chinese food is available, while liquor and beer are not.

No. 60, Waizayantar Road, South Okkalapa Tsp.

TK House

The venue offers KTV for families and also hosts birthdays, staff parties and other gatherings. There are three room sizes: small for 12,000 kyats per hour, medium for 15,000 kyats and large for 35,000 kyats—holding eight, 15, and 35 people, respectively. The bar offers BBQ, Thai and Chinese food. In August, it also offers a “buy one hour, get one free” promotion between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Otherwise, there is always one free hour included for every three hours purchased.

No. 85 (B), Pan Hlaing Street, Sanchaung Tsp.

K Box Family Karaoke

This karaoke spot serves Burmese, Thai and Chinese food, as well as beer. Prices are 10,000 kyats per hour for a five-person room, 14,000 kyats for a 10-person room, 18,000 kyats for a 12-person room and 25,000 kyats for a 20-person room. All of the rooms have the same amenities and decorations.

Ga Mone Pwint Shopping Center, No. 408, 4th Floor, Insein Road

Pwint Thit San Family Karaoke

This KTV restaurant serves a variety of foods—including breakfast—and is open from 8 a.m. until midnight. Prices are reasonable: 6,000 kyats for a four-person room, 8,000 kyats for a six-person room, 9,000 kyats for an eight-person room, 10,000 kyats for a 10-person room, 13,000 kyats for a 14-person room and 15,000 kyats for an 18-person room.

Kabar Aye Pagoda Street, No. 520 A, near Hninzigon Home for the Aged

Music Box

This KTV bar has two branches—one in the Yangon International Hotel on Pyay Road and another in Junction Square. The first branch serves beer, liquor, cocktails and Chinese food. The room prices are 10,000 kyats for a four-person room, 13,000 kyats for a six-person room, 15,000 kyats for an eight-person room, 18,000 kyats for a 10-person room, 23,000 kyats for a 13-person room and 28,000 kyats for a 20-person room. Larger rooms have better sound systems.
Yangon International Hotel, Ahlone Road, No. 330, Dagon Tsp.

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