‘Scanning’ the Imagination of a Veteran Artist

By Wei Yan Aung 28 August 2018

YANGON — Artist Lynn Wunna’s 10th solo exhibition showcases abstract paintings he says are the products of the depths of his imagination.

“It’s a record of my constantly changing mind. I have read—or ‘scanned’—my mind, so I named the exhibition ‘Scanning,’” the artist said.

Lynn Wunna made his name with a series of paintings drawing on Myanmar’s cultural traditions, so this exhibition is something of a departure and will give the viewing public a chance to see a different side of him.

The exhibition, which will be on display at OK Art Gallery through Wednesday, features over 50 abstract paintings and two installations.

“Shake It” and “White Cave”, the two installations, represent peace of mind, spiritual purity and freedom, he said.

Born in 1973, Lynn Wunna studied under Bagyi Aung Soe, widely regarded as the father of modern art in Myanmar. He held his debut solo show more than 20 years ago.