Burma Parliament Curbs Powers of Tribunal

President Thein Sein lost a stand-off with the Burmese Parliament on Tuesday and was forced to accept amendments to constitutional tribunal law, DVB reports. The changes are significant as it gives the parliament more power over the tribunal and its appointees. The move is seen by legal analysts as weakening the independence of the judiciary. The parliament, dominated by military-affiliated USDP party, has sought to curb the powers of the tribunal over parliamentary committees. The MPs forced the resignation of all nine members of the tribunal in September 2012. Thein Sein opposed the amendments drawn up by the MPs and argued that the changes would be unconstitutional.

2 Responses to Burma Parliament Curbs Powers of Tribunal

  1. Please try all the best to people of Burma who are hunger for solid democracy.

  2. A bad omen if rule of law is to be established where an independent judiciary must not be subject to political control. It is already too corrupt and malleable in favor of wealth and power to be called a justice system. Would they do the same to amend the constitution which they are already in violation of by this act? Chances of a snow ball in hell to be rid of military domination in our political and economic life. Shame on both your houses.

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