27 The News For 27 June 2017
Yangon 31
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Who Are The Wa?

From the Archive
In this story from 2014, Bertil Lintner explores Wa history, identity and politics, and how this ethnic group is portrayed in Burma.

The Military Ties That Bind

From the Archive
In this August 2011 story, The Irrawaddy explored the long history of support from Germany and its companies for Burma’s notorious military regimes.

Win Tin’s Lessons for Burma

From the Archive
Three years to the day since Burma lost one of its leading intellectual figures, U Win Tin, The Irrawaddy looks back on his enduring legacy.

New Political Order Begins in Burma

From the Archive
As today marks one year since the NLD government assumed office, The Irrawaddy revisits this commentary from the early days of the new administration.
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A Radically Different Dhamma

From the Archive
The Irrawaddy revisits a story about the 969 movement that shook Burma with its anti-Muslim sentiment before Ma Ba Tha came to prominence.

Burma: A Killing Legacy

From the Archive
The tragic history of assassinations in Burma’s political life is revisited in this story from our archives.