Burmese Govt Blames Drivers for Most Highway Accidents

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Safety was a low priority during the construction of the Rangoon-Naypyidaw-Mandalay highway, although a number of unconventional warning signs can be found along the road. (Photo: Aung Zaw / The Irrawaddy)

RANGOON — In the wake of a highway accident that killed 14 people on Monday, Burma’s deputy minister of construction has said that drivers, vehicle failure and weather conditions all contribute to accidents, and that poor road conditions alone should not be blamed.

The Mirror newspaper, a daily publication by the Burmese government, reported Friday that a thorough study had been conducted to analyze accidents on the road that links Rangoon, Naypyidaw and Mandalay. The study found that most accidents were due to driver error, with vehicle failure the second biggest cause. Only 1 percent of accidents were due to poor road quality, the newspaper reports.

“To prevent further accidents on the highway, a collaboration between government, bus lines and experts is needed,” Soe Tin, the deputy minister, was quoted as saying.

An unnamed official was quoted as saying, “The Ministry of Construction is responsible for these accidents. We have vowed to make the highway safe for public travel.”

Completed in 2009, the highway between Rangoon, Naypyidaw and Mandalay had seen more than 400 accidents as of last year, resulting in the deaths of 216 people.

6 Responses to Burmese Govt Blames Drivers for Most Highway Accidents

  1. The report reveals that the road badly built by the military failed many drivers and vehicles, and caused loss of many valuable lives.

    We will come to know the real facts only after the road is upgraded to international standards.

    We can hope that even drivers and vehicles failed in poor cities would pass on the new road by that time.

  2. In general and at the first look, yes the Government commends above are right of course as sleepy, risky, drugged with beetle and Shark or Redbull drivers are the main course if you look direct.
    So if you take a deeper look, actually the Government is totally guilty and specially the Home Minster Ko Ko, his Ministry and Myanmar Police Force for negligence and NOT ENFORCING the LAW in Myanmar at all.
    No need to look at that Highway,- just see daily Yangon Buses and Taxis are driven so ignorant and aggressive in third and forth line on the other road side all over just in front of the Police at each corners. Either nothing is done at all or against a pocket money style handshake as can be seen daily. Driver Licensees cost 35.000 kyat and nothing more in other countries there is a 30 hours theory and driving training involved, so not to smartest Myanmar driver. The Government neglect their duty to protect the people from all these danger. First great step is done with the ban of the last accident bus company on the highway,- do to much loophole again. The whole company must be closed and their buses confiscated for a year at least to make sure they not drive tomorrow on their mothers name…who owns Highway lines only top families with best connection to ensure business as usual.
    In Yangon city a bus over runs the rules must be direct confiscated not no need the driver to punish, the owner needs to get punished for poor SOP work control and no training standards. That will at same time hurt the driver and you ensure only than that the company starts to wake up. The Public must get a chance to make digital pictures of buses and taxis which drive against the law and rules, have the number plate on the pix and have from Yangon Police department and all Myanmar same a special E Mail address where the Public can send the pictures in and the driver and owner can be prosecuted very easy if a Government or an Interior Minister wants — and no more Money hand shale is possible,– just let the public participate in the law enforcement process as evidence supplier to build a modern a better Myanmar also on all roads. The wisselblower no need to be exposed as the Dig Pictures tell the whole story most times… and the number plate. Lets wait until the Interior Minister or Police Chief wakes up,– in Yangon they wanted to stop the horn noises of cars since month s NO effect until now Police is weak,– they wanted to have a Taxi Meter to stop sheeting,– the Police system is weak. This way a Government will create only more dead and more angry people but sure not a betterment. The ban of the one highway bus company is a great start,- the 4,5 million $ US compensation per dead body is a total Joke by the Highway department and Ministries concerned – looks more that they even take advantage of the dead and used new Light of Myanmar as hub for Insurance selling for the Highway how ironic and bad to read the whole article yesterday, macabre macarbe from the one actually in charge _ The Government and Interior Ministry….

  3. The quality of the highway roads in Myanmar are not safe enough to drive 70 miles per hour. So, government is responsible for building roads in poor quality which causes too many accidents. Drivers are 25% responsible and government is 75% responsible because government puts the drivers on poorly built highways.

  4. What does this idiot deputy minister of construction know about this issue? Survey and research must be conducted instead of tell people his assumption as the truth. I traveled several times on this highway. I found out that the highway was poorly built. It lacks many safety standards. Regulation for passing, pavement standards, signs for warning, uneven pavements, lack of enough barriers, visibility of highway patrol officers and so on. Many operators(Drivers) of the vehicles are intoxicated or under influence. Alcohol odor sometimes welcomes us when we are boarding on the Buses. Every Company which transport people to and fro must be severely punished if it violates safety standards. Freedom to kill must not be allowed in this business.

  5. Nothing good will come out of this regime but death and suffering. Death Highway was built by murderers.

  6. We should investigate this Highway Project as:

    – Who is the Design Consultant (ie Engineering)

    – Does this Design Consultant have a Track Record

    – Do they have awarded this Design Contract on competitive Bid Tender

    – Who is the awarded Construction contractor

    – Do they have a QA/QC Third Party for Constuction

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