Myanmar & COVID-19

Myanmar’s COVID-19 Deaths Exceed 1,000

By Zaw Zaw Htwe 23 October 2020

Yangon – Myanmar’s COVID-19 deaths exceeded 1,000 on Thursday after nearly seven months since its first detection of a case in March. Since late September, the country has seen daily death tolls rise to almost 50, according to the Ministry of Health and Sports.

On Thursday, Myanmar reported 41,008 COVID-19 cases, including 1,005 fatalities and 21,144 recoveries.

Myanmar has been experiencing a second wave of COVID-19 since Aug. 16 and it reported its first coronavirus death in four months on Sept. 4.

In the second wave, 999 COVID-19 deaths were reported between Sept. 4 and Oct. 22 compared to six deaths from March 23 to Aug. 16.

Myanmar is reporting more than 1,000 new COVID-19 cases per day.

The authorities reported 33 COVID-19 deaths on Thursday, 27 on Wednesday and 31 on Tuesday.

Most of the COVID-19 deaths are reported in Yangon, which recorded 877 fatalities on Oct. 19.

Yangon has reported 32,032 cases, followed by Rakhine State with 2,650.

In Asean, Myanmar is third in terms of COVID-19 deaths, behind Indonesia with 12,595 and the Philippines with 6,783.

On Oct. 22, Myanmar’s COVID-19 cases have exceeded 40,000 after reporting 10,000 cases since Oct. 13.

In terms of COVID-19 cases, Myanmar is fourth in Asean, behind Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore, which has reported more than 57,900 cases.

Myanmar has been experiencing a second wave of COVID-19 since Aug. 16 when the country’s first domestic transmission in a month was detected in Rakhine State capital, Sittwe.

Cases have been reported in more than 200 townships across 15 regions and states.

On Monday, State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi warned that the surge of cases in Yangon would spread beyond the city if people were not careful.

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