War Against the Junta

Over 40 Myanmar Junta Forces Killed in Four Days of Resistance Attacks

By The Irrawaddy 27 February 2023

At least 44 Myanmar junta forces including pro-regime militia members and a junta village administrator as well as a resistance fighter were killed in the last four days when People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) and some ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) continued to attack regime targets nationwide.

Incidents were reported in Mandalay, Sagaing, Magwe, Bago, and Tanintharyi regions and Karen and Kayah states.

The Irrawaddy has collected the following reports of significant attacks from PDFs and EAOs.

Some military casualty figures could not be independently verified.

Junta border outpost, transport helicopter attacked in Kayah

A junta border outpost is bombed by a drone of the Karenni Army in Kayah State. / KMIC

The Karenni Army (KA) used a drone to drop eight bombs on a junta outpost near the Thai border in Shadaw Township, Kayah State last Friday, said the Karenni Military Information Center, the media wing of the KA.

Military casualties were unknown. Regime forces responded with both heavy explosives and firearms, but resistance forces retreated from the area without casualties.

The KA temporarily occupied the outpost in January last year.

Also on Friday, the KA attacked a military helicopter transporting rations to a junta outpost on the border with Thailand. Due to the attack, the helicopter was forced to leave the area without dropping any rations for the border outpost.

Some minutes later, two fighter jets conducted four air strikes in the area, but there were no resistance casualties, the KA’s media wing said.

10 junta troops killed in urban clashes in Karen

Resistance fighters of Red Dragon Column during an anti-junta protest / Red Dragon Column

At least 10 regime forces and a resistance fighter were killed in Phayarthonsu town in Kyainseikgyi Township, Karen State on Saturday when the PDF group Red Dragon Column raided the police station in the town, the resistance group said.

Fighting continued between the retreating resistance forces and 30 regime reinforcements who were sent to the town, the PDF group said.

Junta camp occupied by resistance forces in Karen

Weapons, ammunition and military equipment seized by a PDF group during a raid on a regime camp in Hpapun District on Saturday / BPLA

The Bamar People’s Liberation Army (BPLA) claimed it and three other PDF groups raided and seized a camp of regime soldiers and allied border guard forces in Hpapun District in Karen State on Saturday.

After a few minutes of fighting, the combined resistance forces managed to seize the base as regime forces fled. Two weapons, ammunition and some mobile phones were seized and the dead body of a junta soldier was found, the BPLA said.

Junta-appointed village administrator assassinated in Tanintharyi

PDF group Taung Pan Ni claimed to have killed U Yan Aung Soe, the regime-appointed village administrator of Sin Chay Phone Village in Tanintharyi Township, Tanintharyi Region, on Saturday.

The group said it would continue to kill administrators working for the regime.

Regime forces bombed by PDF drones in Mandalay

A junta soldier was killed and another injured in Madaya Township, Mandalay Region on Saturday when Unicorn Guerrilla Force used drones to drop bombs on regime forces raiding villages, claimed the PDF group.

The PDF’s video shows a drone dropping bombs on regime targets.

Regime camps raided in Sagaing

PDF fighters of Ayadaw-PDF with residents during a ceremony / Ayadaw-PDF

An army officer and a pro-regime Pyu Saw Htee militia member were killed in Ayadaw Township, Sagaing Region last Friday when combined PDF groups raided a junta camp in the pro-regime village of Thit Kyin Gyi, said Ayadaw-PDF, which took part in the raid.

On the same day, Ayadaw-PDF and other resistance groups used 60-mm mortar rounds to shell the police outpost in Naung Gyi Ai Village in the township.

Last Thursday, combined PDF groups also managed to seize a camp of regime forces and pro-regime militia members in Sapar Twin Village in the township. In the raid, PDF forces rescued residents who had been held by the regime forces as human shields.

Pro-regime militia groups attacked in Sagaing

Pro-regime militias are hit by PDF land mines in Monywa Township on Saturday. / Brave Heart Army

Three pro-regime Pyu Saw Htee militia members were killed in Monywa Township, Sagaing Region on Sunday when a clash broke out between militia forces and five PDF groups outside the pro-regime village of Taw Pu, said Brave Heart Army, a resistance group that joined the attack.

All PDF fighters retreated from the clash site when militia reinforcements arrived and used heavy explosives to target PDF forces.

On Saturday, the Brave Heart Army and three other PDF groups used a cluster of five land mines to ambush a pro-regime militia group that was stealing crops from the farmlands of residents who had fled junta raids in the township.

A militia member was killed and some others injured in the ambush, the PDF group said.

Regime forces attacked while torching houses in Sagaing

Resistance fighters engage in a clash with junta troops in a village in Ayadaw Township last Thursday. / PDF-Taungtha

At least 10 regime forces were killed in Ayeadaw Township, Sagaing Region last Thursday when PDF-Taungtha and Sagaing District PDF Battalion 7 conducted a surprise attack on 70 regime forces burning houses in Min Ywar Gyi Village, the PDF groups said.

Regime forces were ambushed from close range as they scattered in the village. There were no PDF casualties, PDF-Taungtha said.

Police station bombed by PDF drones in Sagaing

The Salingyi Spaceman Drone Army said it used a drone to drop bombs on the police station in the town of Salingyi Township, Sagaing Region last Friday.

Police casualties were unknown.

Junta camp raided in Magwe

Resistance fighters of Yesagyo-PDF and Pakokku District Battalion 9 raid a junta camp in Yesagyo Township, Magwe Region last Friday. / Yesagyo-PDF

At least 12 regime forces including pro-regime Pyu Saw Htee militia members were killed during intense clashes when Yesagyo-PDF and Pakokku District PDF Battalion 9 jointly raided the junta camp in the pro-regime village of Zee Taw in Yesagyo Township, Magwe Region last Friday, said Yesago-PDF.

PDF forces raided the junta camp at the school in the village while PDF drones bombed the camp. At the same time, other resistance forces used heavy explosives to attack nearby military Infantry Battalion 258 in order to prevent it from sending reinforcements to the pro-regime village.

Meanwhile, PDF forces also used a cluster of three land mines to ambush a 12-wheel truck carrying reinforcements from the town of Yesagyo. In the attack, the truck was stopped after being damaged and four soldiers were killed in the land mine blasts.

PDF fighters had to abandon their mission of occupying the regime camp in the village when Mi-35 helicopter gunships arrived and military Battalion 257 began shelling the area, while two military columns headed to the village.

There were no PDF casualties, claimed Yesagyo-PDF.

Four junta troops killed in PDF ambushes in Magwe

Residents provide meals to resistance fighters of People’s Revolution Front-Pakokku. / PRF-Pakokku.

At least four regime forces were killed in Pauk Township, Magwe Region on Saturday when combined PDF groups ambushed a military detachment of 150 troops raiding the township, said People Revolution Front-Pakokku, which joined the ambush.

The combined PDF groups attacked the military detachment again that evening.

Regime forces bombed in Magwe

Improvised land mines produced by Myaing-PDF / Myaing-PDF

Three regime forces were injured seriously in Myaing Township, Magwe Region on Saturday when Myaing-PDF used two land mines to ambush five junta soldiers including a pro-regime Pyu Saw Htee militia member patrolling outside the town of Myaing, the PDF group said.

After being ambushed, two regime forces fled into the town of Myaing, abandoning three injured soldiers.

Later, regime forces arrived at the ambush site and took away the bodies of the killed and injured soldiers.

Military detachment ambushed in Magwe

Troops of Yaw People’s Defense Force during a parade / YPDF

Some regime forces are believed to have been killed or injured in Gangaw Township, Magwe Region last Friday when six PDF groups ambushed a military detachment of 120 troops traveling in the township, said Yaw PDF, which joined the attack.

Regime forces were ambushed on the embankment of Myit Tha Dam while heading to Min Ywar Village. No PDF casualties were reported in the clash.

On Thursday, Yaw-PDF and another resistance group used heavy explosives to attack a military checkpoint at an entrance to the town of Gangaw.

Junta policemen ambushed in Bago

The entrance to the town of Phyuu in Bago Region / CJ

Bago Region PDF said its member Phyu PDF ambushed police forces outside the town of Kanyutkwin in Phyuu Township, Bago Regio on Sunday.

The junta police were attacked while returning to their base after guarding a donation ceremony involving a junta-appointed administrator of Phayar Lahar Village in the township.

In the shootout, four policemen were injured.