Tutor Arrested for Child Rape in Myanmar’s Shan State

By Lawi Weng 25 September 2019

A 30-year-old tutor has been detained in Mong Yaw, Lashio Township in northern Shan State, after being accused of raping two girls.

A senior police officer in Mong Yaw, who did not want to be named, told The Irrawaddy that the case was being investigated.

“From the interrogation, he told us that he raped the two girls but he could not remember the dates when he did it,” said the police officer.

The suspect will face charges of child rape and kidnapping.

The man was arrested on Sept. 20 after he allegedly raped his wife’s pupil at their house on Sept. 15, according to the Ta’ang Women’s Organization (TWO).

The victim said she had been raped before by the man, according to Pakyoul Jar of TWO, who said she had talked to the families.

The girl told her mother and the school was informed.

TWO said the man gave her a spiked drink and she fell asleep.

The girl reported that she was first raped in 2017 at the school.

TWO said the other victim reported that she was raped by the same tutor in June.

“The two girls did not know they were raped as they were drugged and asleep,” said Pakyoul Jar.

“The police collected the girls’ clothes and took medical tests to be sent to Lashio. They have spoken to witnesses,” she said.

The two victims studied with the suspect’s wife at her home. The man was also a tutor but not a teacher employed by the government, according to TWO.

The second victim said in June the man asked for help starting a fire in his room, said Pakyoul Jar.

She then woke inside his mosquito net.

“She was in pain when she woke,” Pakyoul Jar added.

The man allegedly threatened the two victims to keep quiet.

Both girls went to study at 7pm and did not return until the early morning.

Apparently, the man offered compensation to stop the families talking to the police but TWO told them not to accept anything.

TWO also helped the families fight for justice and was looking for other victims, Pakyoul Jar said.

“We want the man to face punishment so no one will dare act like this again,” she said.