San Yamin Aung
[gallery type="slideshow" ids="107248,107249,107250,107251,107252,107253,107254,107247,107246,107245,107255,107243,107244"] A little-known perk within Burma’s legislature is the presence of libraries and reading rooms, boasting thousands of books to which lawmakers—both civilian and military—have access. There are two libraries, one in the Upper House and the other in the Union Parliament itself, and a reading room located in the Lower House; all were established in 2011. “All parliamentarians and staff can borrow books for two weeks for free from the reading room. More than 100 lawmakers use [it] each day,” said Khin Mar Aye, the assistant director of the Lower House’s reading room. In libraries, over 20,000 books and e-books are available, including historical records and photos from previous parliamentary sessions. The reading room is home to over 2,000 books on subjects ranging from politics to business to education to history, as well as daily and weekly newspapers and free wifi.

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