Rangoon’s Best Breakfast Dim Sum

By Foodie Myanmar 24 February 2016

RANGOON — In the past, Rangoon offered few breakfast choices—fried snacks and mohingya at teashops were the trusted staples. An addition to the local palate is dim sum, a collection of Cantonese dumplings, buns and rolled noodles stuffed with various savory fillings, traditionally delivered to customers’ tables on a wheeled cart. If this assortment of bite-sized dishes appeals as a hearty breakfast, here are some of Rangoon’s most promising dim sum eateries, recommended by Foodie Guide.

Fook Mun Lau: This restaurant is conveniently located for those who live near 8 Mile Road and the Kabar Aye neighborhood. It is a seafood restaurant, but it also offers some of the best ocean fare in Rangoon. But take note—dim sum is only available on weekends.

Royal Garden: This waterside restaurant lies on the shores of Kandawgyi Lake. Though the restaurant is usually reserved for wedding receptions at night, dim sum is available in the mornings. Regarded as premium fare, the dumplings are generously sized, soft and delicious—but they are as expensive as they look.

 The Garden Bistro: Another Kandawgyi Lake eatery, the Garden Bistro, is located next to Signature Fine Dining Restaurant. It has spacious car parking and a playground for children. Considered to be one of the best dim sum restaurants in Rangoon, here one can enjoy breakfast with pleasant lakeside views.

Imperial Garden: Situated on the third floor of Myanma Plaza, one of Rangoon’s newest shopping centers, the Imperial Garden opens later than other restaurants due to its mall location. The variety of available dim sum is slim and it is pricy, but what is on offer is one of the best Cantonese breakfasts in town.

Crystal Jade: Crystal Jade has opened popular dim sum restaurants at Excel Tower and New University Avenue Street.

Oriental House: This is one of Rangoon’s original dim sum houses. The ever-present crowds reflect its popularity, though customers might face the occasional inconvenience placing orders in this bustling environment. Low prices and high food quality have contributed to its expansion—there are now five branches of Oriental House throughout the city, the newest being on Inya Street in the Rangoon University compound.

Because dim sum restaurants usually open in the wee hours of the morning, it should be noted that the quality of their offerings usually declines after 10 am. Therefore, Foodie Myanmar would suggest that patrons enjoy their dim sum as early as possible.

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