Myanmar People’s Defense Forces Warn of Increased Risk to Civilians

By The Irrawaddy 28 May 2021

Several civilian resistance forces have alerted people not to go outside unless they have urgent reasons to do so, as an increasing number of explosions and attacks targeting junta forces and their informants occur in urban areas.

Several notices have recently gone viral on social media suggesting that people avoid popular public spaces such as fun fairs and not to spend too long dining at restaurants. People have also been warned to stay away from junta soldiers and their informants.

On Friday morning, a bomb explosion was reported near a pharmacy on the Union Highway in Muse in northern Shan State. One person was killed and another one was wounded.

At least five explosions occurred in Yangon’s Thaketa Township on Thursday, including one at the home of the administrator of Man Pyay No. 3 Ward.

The junta-appointed ward administrator was reportedly shot dead. On May 3, the military-appointed administrator of No. 7 ward of Thaketa Township also died after being stabbed by three men.

Bomb blasts were also reported in Thaketa near the No. 1 Police Station on Myin Taw Thar Road and at the No. 2 Police Station at the corner of Ayeyarwun and Nawarat streets.

On Thursday evening, several junta troops performing security duty near the San Pya Fish market in Yangon’s Kyimyindaing Township were shot by unknown gunmen.

During the attack, one junta soldier was reportedly killed and three others injured. However, the Irrawaddy was unable to independently confirm that.

A junta policeman was also shot dead while he was on sentry duty in front of the local hospital in Mandalay Region’s Meiktila Township on Thursday night, according to residents.

On the same evening, a military vehicle was also attacked by gunmen in Myingyan Township of Mandalay region, a local told the Irrawaddy. A junta lieutenant commander was reportedly killed during the attack and an informant in the vehicle was injured, according to local sources.

A train triggered landmines near the Nyaung Pin Thar station in Bago Region’s Phyu Township on Wednesday night while heading to Yangon. No casualties were reported.

Following the attack, the military regime claimed on Friday that the rioters responsible for the attack are now targeting the lives and property of ordinary people.

Township and ward administration offices and schools across Myanmar have also been attacked with bombs or set on fire by unknown assailants.

The military regime said that there were 18 arson attacks and 115 bomb attacks, included attempted bombings, at schools and universities between May 1 and 26. It also said that the military will take severe action against rioters trying to disrupt the military’s attempt to reopen schools on June 1.

Meanwhile, the military regime has reportedly formed “Pyu Saw Htee” groups from pro-junta supporters across the country. The group members are reportedly trained and armed with firearms, according to people defense forces.

Several people’s defense forces have claimed that members of the “Pyu Saw Htee” groups are intentionally conducting crimes, bombings and arson attacks on school buildings and private property in order to blacken the name of the civilian resistance forces.

The people’s defense forces have announced that they will never harm schools or the lives and property of ordinary people.

The military regime is facing increasing armed resistance from civilian resistance forces in several regions and states including Sagaing, Mandalay and Magwe regions and Chin and Kayah States.

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