Mandalay Authorities Impose City-Wide Curfew

By The Irrawaddy 3 July 2014

MANDALAY — Mandalay District authorities have announced a night time curfew after two consecutive nights of inter-communal violence between Buddhist and Muslim residents rocked Burma’s second biggest city and left two people dead and 14 injured.

Mandalay residents have to remain inside from 9 pm to 5 am and the curfew will take effect on Thursday night, according to an official announcement disseminated in the city. During these hours, gatherings of five people or more are prohibited.

“Anyone who fails to obey the order shall be detained through use of force and charged under existing laws,” the announcement said.

The curfew was imposed by the head of Mandalay District Administration and will cover all six townships in Mandalay. The announcement said the curfew would help ensure the public’s safety and rule of law as there had been clashes in the two previous nights.

Most shops in riot-affected Muslim areas remains closed and the situation remains tense. Authorities have deployed about 1,000 police on Tuesday to stem the unrest, but failed to prevent further clashes on Wednesday night.