Local Artist’s Abstract Paintings Express Buddhist Rebirth

By Naing Swann 2 June 2016

RANGOON — Local artist Su Eaindra will showcase her first solo exhibition at Think Gallery on Nawaday Street in Dagon Township from June 3-6.

More than 40 paintings will be on display at the show titled “Visit to the Labyrinth in the Universe.”

Su Eaindra began her artistic journey as an expressionist painter but has recently turned toward abstract work, portraying her feelings through vivid colors.

She was born in Rangoon in 1965 and graduated with a degree in painting from the Rangoon State School of Fine Arts in 1986. From 1996 to 2009, she created designs for Indonesian and Chinese clothing brands and from 2011-15 she designed patterns for local ladies wear brands. In 2015, she embarked on a full-time career as an artist. She began taking part in exhibitions in 2009 and has participated in 11 in total.

As for the title of her exhibition, she says, “Lately I have been thinking about life and existence. There are both good things and bad things in life and I feel like it is a labyrinth. Things happen and you can’t avoid or receive what you wish. I reflect those thoughts and feelings in my work.”

Buddhist philosophy is also reflected in her work. She says she has asked herself, “Who created the endless circle of repeated births which all living creatures have to go through?” To which she answers herself, “No one, but it is all about cause and effect.”

“If [attaining] Nirvana is the way to end this cycle of rebirths, I would like to reach it,” she says. “But until then, I can’t help traveling [from this life to the next] through this small world in the universe.”