Hospitals, Clinics Not Spared Myanmar Regime Forces’ Violence

By The Irrawaddy 1 April 2021

YANGON—Myanmar military regime forces raided and opened fire on a number of private hospitals and clinics in Yangon last month.

Soldiers and police raided the Tet Lann Hospital in South Okkalapa Township on Tuesday, and the Asia Royal Hospital in Sanchaung Township on Sunday. On March 18, they fired shots at the SSC Women’s Center in Bahan Township.

Military personnel and police broke into the Tet Lann Hospital at around 2 a.m. on Tuesday and beat security guards and cleaners working there. They also threatened doctors at gunpoint and searched patient wards before deleting CCTV records.

“They were in white vests and cargo pants. One of them kicked us in the faces and heads with their military boots, saying they would kick our jaws out if we didn’t answer their questions,” a witness said.

A hospital maintenance engineer was shot in the leg when junta forces chased anti-regime protesters into the Asia Royal Hospital and fired shots inside the hospital on Sunday.

“Hospital authorities took us to a safe place to hide. In fact, we were in a place where shooting is supposed to be forbidden. Relatives who were visiting patients in fact shouldn’t have needed to hide because they were not there to stage a protest. But, because we were faced with such callous creatures, we had to hide as if we were criminals,” a witness wrote on social media.

Regime forces blocked access to the hospital for around half an hour.

On March 18, regime forces fired shots at the SSC Women’s Center in Bahan, breaking a number of glass windows. The same day, they also raided the Academy Hospital in Ahlone Township and searched its patient wards.

In early March, regime forces also fired rubber bullets at the Shwe La Min Hospital in North Okkalapa Township. They also attempted to deploy personnel in public hospitals.


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