Drug Dealers Repel Police with Knives in Tenasserim

By Htun Htun 27 September 2016

Police raided a house suspected of drug dealing only to be forced back by knife-wielding residents in Tenasserim’s Myeik Township on Monday morning, according to the Myeik Township Police Force.

Policemen, along with witnesses, went to a house suspected of drug dealing in Myoma Ward (2) in Myeik Township, but the female homeowner and her two sons attacked them with knives. A firefighter suffered cuts on his hand and a policeman cut himself on broken bottle pieces as he jumped over a fence to chase the suspects, said police major Aye Min, head of the township police force.

“They got away in a car. We are in hot pursuit of them,” said police major Aye Min.

Police seized 12 yaba tablets and knives from the house and have opened a case against the suspects for drug abuse and assaulting police.

“[Police] need to use force to arrest drug dealers. In a drug case in Dawei two months ago, a policeman was shot dead by the dealers during a raid,” said U Phyo Win Htun, a lawmaker with Tenasserim’s divisional parliament.

On September 19, about 20 people led by the son of a detainee suspected of drug dealing grabbed the detainee from the hands of police in Kachin State’s Indawgyi area. A police lieutenant was injured in the incident.

Translated from Burmese by Thet Ko Ko.