Aung Ko Win’s KBZ Charity Tops $3.6m in Flood Aid

By The Irrawaddy 7 August 2015

RANGOON — Aung Ko Win, the well-connected businessman at the helm of Kanbawza Group of Companies, has donated more than US$3.6 million to flood relief efforts in devastated areas across Burma.

Made mostly through his charity group, the Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation, the total includes about $1.6 million in cash and other relief items.

The sum also accounts for $2 million in services offered by the KBZ and its subsidiaries, such as the use of Air KBZ aircraft for aid delivery missions.

The Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation has pledged to continue supporting flood-hit areas with rehabilitation assistance.

Flooding has devastated much of the country since Cyclone Komen made landfall in Bangladesh late last week.

Huge tracts of Burma’s coast and agricultural heartland have been damaged or destroyed by the crisis, which has claimed at least 88 lives and affected more than 300,000 people as of Thursday evening.