2015 Election: The Countdown Begins

For all of its limitations, a general election in November will have a direct impact on every person in Myanmar.

On Martyrs Day, One Man’s Tale of Tragedy Revisited

Mon leader Nai Ngwe Thein, 93, is one of probably only a few people alive today to have witnessed the immediate aftermath of Gen. Aung San’s assassination.
Union parliament speaker U Shwe Mann is growing more confident in his bid for the nation’s top job

YANGON — With Myanmar’s national elections less than six months away, the million dollar question is: Who will be the next leader of the...


As Suu Kyi Eyes Election Win, Beijing Goes Courting

With Myanmar’s political dynamics up in the air ahead of elections in November, China has opened its arms to the influential opposition leader.
Ethnic Issues

In Burma, Ethnic Loyalties Could Crimp Suu Kyi’s Party

Political parties representing Burma’s ethnic minorities could win several seats in the general election, presenting a challenge for Aung San Suu Kyi and her party.