Suu Kyi to Meet SKorea’s President-elect in Seoul

Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi will likely meet with South Korea’s President-elect Park Geun-hye when she travels to the country next week, according to a report by the Yonhap news agency. An unnamed Korean official said that Suu Kyi is expected to meet Park on Jan. 29, which will be the second day of her five-day visit to South Korea to attend the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Pyeong Chang. She is also scheduled to receive an honorary doctoral degree from Seoul National University on Feb. 1 in recognition of her contribution to promoting human rights and education.

One Response to Suu Kyi to Meet SKorea’s President-elect in Seoul

  1. George Than Setkyar Heine

    What the heck?
    Daw Suu is leaving for South Korea to attend the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Pyeong Chang, South Korea and meet the South Korean president elect at Seoul for what?
    Today, Min Aung Hlaing, CHINA’S PROXY GENERAL of Than Shwe’s as well, is KNOCKING AT THE GATES of LAIZA, the last bastion of KIA/Kachins where ABSDF and a contingent of the Arakan Army are DEFENDING the Kachin State and ultimately Burma as well, HAND in HAND with their ethnic brethren the Kachins led by the KIA.
    Daw Suu NEEDS NO INVITATION much less BEGS the QUESTION as well to DO HER PART for that MATTER (peace in Kachin State which will ultimately lead to BURMA’S as well) as she has ALL the CLOUT – elected member of parliament, opposition leader (chair of NLD) and head of rule of law commission amongst others – and CREDIBILITY given her status as the PEOPLE’S CHOSEN NATIONAL LEADER and UNDISPUTED CHAMPION of DEMOCRACY and HUMAN RIGHTS FULLY SUPPORTED by the international community led by the US led West as well no doubt.
    LEAVING the COUNTRY at this PRECARIOUS TIME and JUNCTURE – Min Aung Hlaing using banned weapons and war planes, killing innocent civilians and knocking at the gates of Laiza threatening to annihilate the remnants of the KIA, ABSDF and Arakan Army contingents vowed to defend to the last man as well – IS AKIN to Napoleon LEAVING the BATTLE FIELD in the wake of the FRENCH DEBACLE at Waterloo in June, 1815.
    Than Shwe’s CLERK Thein Sein is KEEPING Daw Suu OUT of the PICTURE on purpose and at this CRUCIAL POINT as well on the ORDERS of Than Shwe no less trust me.
    The PRIMARY AIM of the Kachin CONFLAGRATION/CONFLICT is to SECURE Kachin State, at all costs and by all means, UNDER THE HEEL of Min Aung Hlaing as well, any bets?
    The Chinese communists have their HIDDEN AGENDA: complete the Myitsone Dam Project, rails, roads, pipelines etc – in Kachin State and meet their DEADLINE in 2013 of course.
    And the communists in Beijing WILL NOT REST UNTIL and UNLESS the KIA/Kachin State IS SECURED UNDER the COMMAND of Min Aung Hlaing, CHOSEN by CHINA after REPLACING Thura MYINT AUNG a more senior and decorated general as well by Than Shwe, given 30 Billion Yuan while on his last visit to the communists’ capital together with his clan in tow in 2009 and the GREEN LIGHT for ALL CHINESE PROJECTS/INTERESTS in Burma as well.
    Note: Thura Myint Aung and his family’s WHEREABOUTS ARE STILL UNKNOWN until today!
    The Chinese communists are LEANING on Thein Sein to COMPLETE the JOB – secure Kachin State by Min Aung Hlaing – no doubt today.
    Thein Sein is TALKING NON-SENSE about PEACE in Kachin land and Burma as well today.
    And Daw Suu is LEAVING the COUNTRY (SCENE) for Seoul and THROWING IT TO THE WOLVES led by Than Shwe/Thein Sein/Min Aung Hlaing IN PLACE of DOING HER JOB – PROTECTING the BESIEGED KIA/Kachins, ABSDF, Arakan Army DEFENDING the Kachin State and ultimately BURMA as well FALLING INTO the HANDS of CHINA’S PROXY Min Aung Hlaing at the GATES of LAIZA today to FINISH the JOB – annihilate the last remaining Kachins specifically – and SEND the SYMBOL of HISTORIC 8888 NATIONWIDE STRUGGLE for DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM and HUMAN RIGHTS (All Burma Students Democratic Front) as well into DEFEAT and OBLIVION ultimately, while ENLIGHTENING/HIGHLIGHTING the ROLE of the BURMA ARMY (no more than a mercenary armed force of China today as well) as the SOLE ARBITER of POWER, WEALTH and POSTERITY of BURMA no less at the same time I say.

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