Seafood Sales to China Fall 30 Percent

China imported 30 percent less seafood from Burma over the three months to December, according to a report by The Myanmar Times on Monday. Maung Maung Soe, the chairman of the Myanmar Marine Fisheries Association, said that prices have also dropped by a quarter as a result of the downturn in exports. China is the largest importer of marine-caught fish from Burma, buying around 60 percent of the country’s catch. In addition to falling prices, Burmese fishermen say that they are also catching fewer fish and paying more for diesel fuel, making it harder for them to survive.

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  1. Burma has not capatalised on its “clean, Green” image of its sea food. The Andaman Sea along the coast of Burma is still relatively “pollution free”. They should export their catch to Europe and other Asian countries. Many home grown sea foods in Asia are renowned for being contaminated with heavy metals and other pollutants. Burma’s seafood stocks are not. Let China buy their poisoned seafood from elsewhere and poison their population. Burma should sell their’s to the rest of the world. Burma’s gain is China’s loss. Exploit Burma’s “clean, Green” image and watch sales grow. The Government should get some good sea food marketing strategiststo help market their seafood products and this will benifit the country and fishing industry greatly. Burma does not need China.

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