Billionaire Philanthropist George Soros Visits Burma

Hungarian-born billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros is visiting Burma and met representatives of the 88 Generation Students group, Mizzima reports. Soros is the chairman of the influential Open Society Institute and the Soros Foundation, which supports many human rights, health and media freedom causes in Burma. On Tuesday, he met with 88 Generation Students leaders Min Zeyar, Htay Kywe, Pyone Cho and Mya Aye at the Chatrium Hotel in Rangoon to discuss foreign investment in Burma and the need for transparency in business. Soros’ foundation is active in 70 countries around the world and has been supporting democracy and progressive-liberal causes for more than 30 years.

2 Responses to Billionaire Philanthropist George Soros Visits Burma

  1. As usual in those dodgy deep, dark alleyways, shady characters congregate and scheme to take over a land.

    This is a historic moment where the loose, lost, intentionally chaotic Burma is descended upon by all the vultures of various sizes and colour.

    The guest of this “Pwint Lin” 88’s presumably taken from the word of so-called “Open Society” whatever it means giving salary to Maureen Aung Thwin, has been a patient and strategic schemer cultivating this out fit for long time along with collusion of “People’s Leader” , as it happens, a Jew’s wife with Jew ambassador in the embassy. Now how is this great philanthropic billionaire, so hated by Mahathir Mohammed?
    Here are some of the descriptions.

    It is important to note that he is a strong believer of this Jeffrey Sachs’ “Shock Therapy” which means in reality intentionally making people life’s impossible by monetary manipulation which is a bit difficult at the moment because Burma unlike the United States or any other country has its OWN CURRENCY. Yes, not supported by any gold or any other standard. But by fluctuating production and price of opium. But it is not easily manipulable for these computer wielding foreigners. And it is effectively debt free. Once IMF which is also under Rothschilds as well finished processing the monetary of Burma, all the currency and interest rates will be dictated by them according to their need whatever happens to people as it will be decide by the likes of Soros or his minions in a bed room in New York or London.
    This is “Shock Therapy”

    Now in town is also Yakuza head Sasakawa.

    He is with Norwegians processing the Karen. Great. The future of Burma cannot possibly be brighter.

    Strange. Arch Fascists and Jews working hand in hand!!! It is for real, why? what for?

    Hard to believe ultra-nationalists will ever be chummy with the Jews!
    Hard to believe the ultra-nationalists will ever forgive cold blooded killing of Kenji Nagai.

  2. Soros is a businessman dealing in terms of billions of dollars. His philantropic activities are just fronts to build confidence. You should dig into why he is “Persona Non grata” in Thailand and Malaysia. Would you believe that U.S is under his influence? Be watchful!

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