Rohingya Appeal to Suu Kyi

A Rohingya mother and her children carry water from a stream to their refugee camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. (PHOTO: Reuters)

BANGKOK—An exiled Rohingya activist last night appealed to MPs and to National League for Democracy (NLD) leader Aung San Suu Kyi to assist the almost 2 million Rohingya living in Burma and elsewhere.

“I would like to ask our beloved Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to speak out of behalf of Rohingya people, and ask for the return of our lost rights, the rights our forefathers had,” said Maung Kyaw Nu, the president of the Burmese Rohingya Association of Thailand.

The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic minority living mostly in western Burma’s Arakan State where they are denied Burmese citizenship, and subjected to various forms of discrimination: they generally have to wait two to three years for permits to marry; are usually prohibited from leaving the village where they live; and are subject to human rights and other abuses by local civil and military authorities.

When Rohingya couples do receive permission to marry, they must sign an agreement that they will not have more than two children. If a couple marries without official permission, the husband can be prosecuted and spend five years in detention—with Buthidaung jail in northern Arakan State thought to hold prisoners in this category.

However, the Rohingya say they were promised equal rights by Burma’s colonial-era independence heroes, including Aung San Suu Kyi’s father, Gen. Aung San, in return for their support in the struggle against British rule.

“In 1946 General Aung San visited my area,” said Maung Kyaw Nu. “He said to our people ‘I give you a blank cheque, please co-operate with me.’”

All told, around 750,000 Rohingya live in Burma, mostly in Arakan State in the country’s west, with an estimated 1 million more living in exile in Bangladesh, Malaysia, India and elsewhere—an exodus prompted by decades of human rights violations and discrimination.

Rohingya endure squalid and dangerous conditions in camps in Bangladesh and third countries, such is the oppression they face at home, say activists. Some Rohingya undertake a perilous sea journey to Thailand, where in 2009 Thai authorities were accused of pushing Rohingya boats out to sea and leaving the refugees to their fate on the open waters. Other Rohingya attempt get to Indonesia or Australia in search of a new life, including a group of 26 who were almost shipwrecked en route to Australia from Indonesia, subsequently helped to land in Timor-Leste by local fishermen.

The push factor could be increasing, according to Human Rights Watch Asia deputy director Phil Robertson, who says relations between the Rohingya and the majority Buddhist Rakhine in the western region are deteriorating, even as Burma continues a recent glasnost. “While there are now some Rohingya MPs, some Buddhist Rakhine in the state assembly are raising issues for the Rohingya,” he said.

Phil Robertson says Burma’s treatment of the Rohingya and the country’s 100-plus other ethnic minorities is a litmus test for the government’s reform credentials. “Is there a place for the Rohingya in Burma?” he asked.

Thai photographer Suthep Kritsanavarin has visited the region. “Between the Rakhine and the Rohingya there is always tension,” he said, speaking at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand, where his exhibition “Stateless Rohingya: Running on Empty,” is on display.

Burma is scheduled to host a meeting of the Asean human rights commission from June 3-6. It seems unlikely that the Rohingya issue will be discussed at the get-together, as according to Phil Robertson, the Rohingya were not discussed during the commission’s last meeting in Bangkok.

“So far, Asean has been ducking this issue,” he said, asking: “Can Asean grapple with a fundamental regional problem, and solve it?”

50 Responses to Rohingya Appeal to Suu Kyi

  1. The real Myanmar people are sick and tired of Bangaladesh Bangali encroaching our land. Bangalis please go back to where you belong. Stop claiming our land. You all have to control your population. Just keep telling lies will not make you the rightful people of our country. We will defend our land with all costs.

  2. Rohingyas are not a minority. They are simply illegal migrants from Bangladesh. Everyone knows about this in Burma. I am sympathetic with their situation, but Bangladesh government is the one responsible. They have not rights to demand as a minority in Burma.

    Medias should not legalize Rohingyas by posting articles about them. We do not want another Palestine in Burma.

    Those Bangladeshi migrants had killed more than 12,000 Rakhines and we will never forget.

  3. They clearly don’t look South East Asian, they don’t belong in Myanmar. They just crossed the border and stayed in Myanmar because of British Colonies.

    I don’t think they deserve any Rights here, they can just go back to Bangladesh or India where they belong. I hear many bad stuff about how they marry Burmese/Buddhists and try to spread Islam really hard.

    If you ask for Myanmar people to Vote on this, the majority won’t let them stay in Myanmar, and in the Voting system, only Ethnic groups of Myanmar should vote, no Indian, Arab or Bangal born people should be allowed.

    ASEAN also don’t want them in South East Asia. Because they don’t look like us.

    They don’t belong in Myanmar. Period.

    • So according to your logic, all these corrupt illegal Chinese immigrants, who got their Burmese citizenship through bribery are fine, because they have lighter skin and look like “you”? How is a Burmese citizen supposed to “look like”? There are probably a lot more illegal Chinese immigrants (who look Southeast Asian?) in Burma than Rohingyas.
      By the way, don’t forget, Buddha was born in India/Nepal and the Pagan Kings had a lot of people from India serving them until that Kingdom was destroyed by Kublai Khan’s marauding troops from China.

    • What a stupid logic u have got my dear Burmese. so i am an Indian but doesn’t look a bit like Indian but more like you south east asian. That means we people in NE India should be shoved away by mainland Indians because we simply doesnt look Indian…pathetic.
      U people have been oppressed by the Junta for decades but your emotions have not improved beyond those murderers Junta…i hope u r not one of them. Pls resepct humanity. In that case all of your Burmese refugees like Chins etc who are residing in India shold be deported to your country..right????

      • Come on! Don’t be confused. It is nothing like the situations in Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura. These people are indigenous there. In fact, they are also victims of abuses by Bengali.

        “It is true that the confilct is more economic than ethnic. But when looks are different, language and religion are different, the conflict takes a different dimension”.

        How do you feel when you are native to Manipur, Assam and you are intimidated by Indians? This is same things when Chittagonian Bengali harass native Rakhine, Jummas and Burmans.

        For your information, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland were under Konbaung-Toungoo Empire. They all NE ‘Indian’ looks alike Chin, Rakhine and Burman.

        Those who say Buddha is an Indian should realise that there was no India at Budhha’s time. ‘Kāla’ is a Pali word for “black or dark”. How would they know Buddha skin is dark. Definitely they can not say that people were looked like the same as present time. Even Nepalese don’t look like typical Indian. Peace!

        • I understand that Rohingyas are illegal immigrants just like hundreds of thousands of Chinese in Mandalay, Lashio and elsewhere all over Burma. The illegal Chinese should be treated the same way as the illegal Rohingyas. The law should not be based on skin colour!
          I do not understand why so many Burmese are so obsessed about skin colour (you can see that even on YouTube videos about the “entertainment industry” in Burma. Is there a problem if Buddha was actually dark-skinned? Didn’t he teach that physical attributes are transient and meaninglessness? Why do many Burmese think that dark-skinned people are inferior? No wonder the white people or even the yellow-skinned people like the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans look down on Burmese by using the same logic! LOL

  4. Western countries help other ethnic people like KACHIN, KAREN, by granting refugee visas, Why not to ROHINGIYAS? The answer is ROHINGIYAS are MUSLIMS, and most of KACHIN AND SHANS are CHRISTIANS.

  5. We request the Irrawaddy,please we want to Myanmar translate about of the Rohingya appeal.

  6. If Rohingya resides in Burma generation after generation, regardless of religion or race they should get the same right as any other citizen of Burma. Instead of scattered all over the world as a stateless person, , they have every right to claim as a citizen of Burma the place of their birth. It is a sad things that we as a human being over look their suffering and plight.If Rohingya can contribute towards the good of the country they should be welcome with open arms. After all , our lives on this earth is just transitory, we should do something good for the humanity which should not be based on religion or race.

    • Historically there were waves of Bengali migration in 1970s, 1980s. And there would be more coming from slum populations of Chittagong area as you called it “Rohingya”. As you are saying you should do something good for humanity, start look out Bengali slums because they are “Rohingya” too according to your definition.

      This is what had happened in Bangladesh around 1970s,1980s.
      Gross human rights violation in Bangladesh against the Jummas of CHT

      Bengali intruders did the same horrendous events like this in Rakhine (Myanmar) region (1970s, 1980s).

  7. ” The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic minority living mostly in western Burma’s Arakan State “, This article is dangerous. Religious is not ethnic nationality. At the same way, Muslim is not ethnic, Buddhist is not ethnic, Christian is not ethnic, and Hindu is not ethnic. All of them are only religious. Claiming as an ethnic based on religion is unacceptable. The author used so much wrong words. Have you ever wrote, Burma are a Buddhist ethnic? Have you ever wrote, Arakan are a Buddhist ethnic? Claiming to be ethnic is not option and style. It must be a real one based on history and original.

  8. Honourable Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the champion of democracy and human rights home and aboard, needs to handle this distress call. President U Thein Sein has done his part to pave the way to this atmosphere. It is high time for all those love democracy and human rights to show their courage and commitment irrespective of race and religion. Gaping wound in any part of the country is not desirable for any quarter, whether national or international.
    There is a legacy of General Ne Win still in place, which is 1982 Citizenship Law. Aspiring patriotic Burmese politicians should read this piece of art again to see whether it is suitable for modern Burma.

    Burma Citizenship Law
    General Ne Win Speech at a Meeting held in the Central Meeting Hall, President House, Ahlone Road, 8 October 1982, ,The Working People’s Daily, 9 October 1982,'s_speech_Oct-1982-Citizenship_Law.pdf

  9. Our Daw Suu is not unwise like these fakes think. It’s important not to fall into the trap of these illegal Bengali immigrants.

    Well there is no place in Burma for illegal fakes who multiply like rabbits apart from the fact that rabbits are cute and will be offended being compared to these fakes.

  10. We seriously need statistics on intermarriages between Muslims and Buddhists in Myanmar. It has become common knowledge in Myanmar that Muslim men always try to intermarry and convert Buddhist women to Islam. Is it really true? How many Buddhist women have converted to Islam due to intermarriage? Can you give figures? We just can’t say that Muslims in Myanmar have a secret agenda to convert Myanmar into a Muslim country. It is more correct to say that more Muslims, especially in places like Mandalay, have become Buddhists in Myanmar than Buddhists become Muslims because of intense Burmanization and marginalization of Muslims since the 1960s.
    If you don’t mind my saying so, it is Christians who have always tried to convert Myanmar into a Christian country since British colonial times. If you guys care about it, you could easily check the master’s and doctoral theses written at overseas Christian missionary universities by Christians in Myanmar, you would see that they are always thinking of creating strategies to covert Myanmar people, especially non-Christian ethnic minorities, into Christians. I don’t say it because I hate Christian missions or Christians. It is their right to propagate their religion. But all of these accusations that Muslims, including the Rohingya, in Myanmar are trying to spread their religion of Islam sound to me that Buddhists in Myanmar are barking the wrong tree!
    Whenever news about the Rohingya come up on the internet, I always see horrible messages. But they mainly say that the Rohingya will dominate Rahine State first and Myanmar eventually. We must understand political tricks of Rakhine Buddhists. Rakhine Buddhists hate Bamar Buddhists. But when they talk about the Rohingya, Rakhine Buddhists talk like they are protecting Buddhism. Rakhine Buddhists hate the Rohingya because the Rohingya are a big people. And Rakhine Buddhists hate Bamar because they want back their Arakanese kingdom. So other peoples in Myanmar must understand political objectives of Rakhine Buddhists in dividing between the Rohingya and other Buddhists in Myanmar.

  11. Rakhine Buddhists want Rakhine State by themselves. So, they don’t want the Rohingya to live in Rakhine State. We must clearly understand it. It has nothing to do with religion. We must clearly distinguish between religion and politics.
    Rakhine Buddhists always say that they are guardians of the race. It is so funny to me. They are just racists. Guardians of race and racists are different.

    • Bamar(Mrama) will always take Rakhine as their own brothers and sisters. It is up to Rakhine. Rahine now have their own State’s rights and responsibilities. It is not yet federated state. But naturally it doesn’t need to be an independent seperated state when they have thier full rights, ownerships and self-determinations.

      Like you are saying and creating distrust between Rakhine and Bama, all these faked Rakhines(faked Bamars too), who can speake Rakhine and are with different religion, are saying the same things too. They would “only” criticized all Burmese governments throughout history. They will always talk about seperating from Burma because they want to let Bengali invades. Plus they never said bad about Bangladesh. They are originally Bengali.

      This is when Rakhine lost Chittagong to Mughal Empire in 1666.

      Check this videos
      (The Land of the Marma)

      (Gross human rights violation in Bangladesh against the Jummas of CHT)

      (The documentary shot extensively in Khagrachari, Rangamati and Bandarban districts of Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) last year (2005) portrays the life of Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Mrung and other indigenous ethnic tribes in the Hill Tracts)

      (Same horrendous events like this had happened in Rakhine (Myanmar) region attacked by Bengali intruders in 1970s, 1980s)

      • These are very interesting and informative video’s. Thank you.

        As Than Myint-U noted in his book regarding the people from Manipur, these people look and act more like Burmese than Their immediate neighbors. And there is definately a conflict there based more on economy but at the mercy of someone exploiting it to be any type of conflict, religious, ethnic, etc.

        Still the point remains an urgent need for unbiased and thorough study and analysis of the Rohingya themselves as they reside in Burma and make appropriate discussion, debate and decision for the benefit of all rather than retaliation for their brethren or indiscriminate suppression and persecution, or as it is now, act on rumor, inflated stories and innuendoes.

        If Bangladish government were really low in their treatment of their own citizens, Burma certainly should not copy it.

        Incidentally, the dam is really parallel universe about Myit Sone Dam except, Myit Sone is larger with immeasurably more devestating effect which the seller Than Shwe or the buyer Chinese can hope to understand.

        • They are in same group as Rakhine and Chin people and alike. Have you ever heard about Seven-Sister-States ???

          The confict is obviously gross human rights violations and atrocities. “It is true that the confilct is more economic than ethnic. But when looks are different, language and religion are different, a conflict takes a different dimension”.

          That so-called ‘Rohingya’ are simply Chittagonian Bengali. They mass migrated around 1940s, 50s and during ‘Bangladesh Liberation War’ with Pakistan, 1970s and during disasters and famines throughout the history. Anyone with right consciousness can clearly see that they are not native. Where was the UNHCR at that time.

          These videos definitely show that how Chittagonian Bengali are so aggressive and ruthless.

          • Again thank you for the link. Never heard of the Seven Sisters.

            There is a definite need for study, dissemination of education widely and wise conselling to have fair treatment of all involved.

            Emotional and prejudiced decisions are not likely to help.

      • I heard several millions on Arakanese people stay in Bangladesh. What if Bangli people drive away all Rakhaine people from Bangladesh into Myanmar like what are Burmese people are doing with Rohingya peole?

  12. Truth and humanity are the issues here.

    There has never been a proper study on this important and vexing issue and presentation to populace at large by any trusted public figure.

    People simply work and incite hatred based on hearsay and innuendoes.

    There is desperate need for impartial, objective,academic study of this issues and presentation and debate and discussion about this issue affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

    This would certainly show how reasonable and magnanimous the Burmese populace are or racist and domineering they are.

    Meanwhile ASEAN itself is not ever known to stand by the Human Rights ever in the history. Sheer waste of time.

    Aung San Suu Kyi is totally deaf and dumb about the citizens of Burma, even though they are Kachins, being killed and tortured daily using full military forces of the army her father founded, so any action by her on Rohingya issue,……

  13. Rohingyas are not acceptable to us. I see them dangerous. As heard, they are not the ethnic people that belong to Myanmar. And they are very bad people.

    • It’s very simple to blame others,How can you say they are bad people,while they are being oppressed by the government forces even they are not allowed to travel village to village,there are a history of human right’s abuses which can’t be written here what king of tortures are there that they are not facing in their daily life please stop making such aggressive behavior with have no ideas what king of tortures and violence they have been facing do believe whatever you hare rumors try to get find the realities on the ground and be gentle with others those who have not hurt you ever and try to be realistic. if you can’t accept them why u not leave them they have equal right as they have been living there generations after generation as you had borne they also borne their fathers and forefathers are buried their.

  14. Bamarphyithar! You don’t sound like a genuine Myanmar people. Perhaps you should name yourself as a Bangali spy or son of Bangali. The whole country of Myanmar is united against Bangali encroaching of our land. If you are not belong to this cause, please stay away from it. Rakhine are our brother.No matter what differences we have we can deal each other like a family members. Please don’t distinguish us like Bamar or Rakhine. We are the same people.But we have the same opinion regarding Bangali encroaching problem. These encroachers are not part of our family. Whoever invading our mother land is our enemy. This is not a religious affair. This is an attack on our motherland and our people. This is a robbing and stealing of our property and our culture. We are dead serious about this.This is a life and death of our culture and our identity. If you are truly a Myanmar, don’t dare speak against the real desire of Myanmar people. All Myanmar people are united against this invasion regardless of race or religion.

  15. The people who have still not learnt the human rights.There are a lot border countries on this earth.You can’t say or blame that all people have migrated or entered illigally etc.Wait for justice here and here after.

  16. What’s wrong with the whole situation is that Bengali opportunists have been using the word “Rohingya” to denote Bengali population in Burma. If a father or a mother of descendants of the region is Bengali, how could they become a whole different ethnic?

    Even Bangladesh, which is not telling the truth and turning a blind eye, does not recongnised the word “Rohingya”.

    And Bangladesh is letting the slums of Chittagong area to sneak into Burma to become so-called ‘Rohingya’. All of these boatload of people departs from Bangladesh shores and endup in Southeast Asia and Australia claiming as ‘Rohingya’ other than their own.

  17. I don’t understand how those people still playing blame game.Will they success to live in this glabal world.For exampl Rohingyas don’t follow Bengali langauage (Bengali script ) or culture too any where around the world wher they live.I want to give some examples about border countries they speak similar but they are not the same nation or root such ( Malaysia,Indonesia and Brunei ),( Indian Punjabi and Pakistani Punjabi), (Pakistan Pathan and Afghan Pathan), (Tajikistan Persi,Iran Persi and Afghanistan Persi) ( Turkish is spoken in Turkey, Azerbijan, Turkmenistan, Kazhakistan, Kirgizistan, Uzbekistan and Zypres),In Europe you can see ( German language is spoken in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein ), In Scandinavian countries ( Sweden,Norway and Denmark are spoken the same )we have much more examples so,each nation has own culture, history as an existance where they live on this earth.
    I request to the world community to bring a final solution by bringing the leader of Burma, Bangladesh and Rohingya on a table talk to put their responsiblity for this cris end.

  18. These (Lin-pat-nyar) guys are just liars. Since they have no solid integrity and dignity, they don’t need to care about these human values while fabricating out to outside world with their high pitch in the sky. They don’t know about the force of embrassment and shame. I came from Arakan’s Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Sittwe so I know about them very well. If any Burmese doesn’t believe, and also want to witness the real situation on the ground, please go to border areas with Bangladesh and do a very comprehensive research by collecting data and figures by yourself. This is the only way to understand this problem of their claim that they have been in Arakan since time immemorial. They are not under any circumstances an ethnic group even in Arakan State. They are just immigrants.

  19. In fact I already well understand that all Burmese with normal mind also understand that these guys are just trying to get a place on an equal basis with our fellow ethic groups in Burma in terms of ethnicity statu so that they can later unleash their brute political aim as part of their big plan. While it is extremely controversial to talk about citizenship for them, even if they are given citizenship rights, it won’t be enough to satisfy their hidden motives. They will always want more….

  20. While we have very solid historical evidences and physical proofs to easily refute their false claim, I just want to use a very simple, layman knowledge that globally people in border areas live on both sides of the nations as an integral part of their respective historical roots to different lands, these guys are just there in northern Rakhine (Arakan) but NOT in Bangladesh. Why? And Bangladeshi history has no mention of them in their books. So while we Rakhines (Arakanese) live on both sides of Burma and Bangladesh for centuries and are mentioned as part of both countries’ historical and social life, these liar guys are not. Why? It sounds like their Almighty Allah “exclusively” created them by defying geographically and naturally significant things to live only in northern parts of Rakhine. Aweful!

  21. “In 1946 General General Aung San visited my area” said Maung Kyaw Nu. “He said to our people ‘I give you a blank cheque, please co-operate with me.’”

    Wow! which area, please? As far as I know he visited only Sittwe and Myebon townships in his lifetime.

    This Maung Kyaw Nu is blunt lier. Please come to light with a clean face just to face the right fact, Maung Kyaw NU, instead of giving all misleading information. He here has given us a blank lie and point blank fatal shot.


  23. It seems that the writer of this new or Irrawaddy has already granted this immigrant Bengali as ethnic of Burma by writing this : “ The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic minority living mostly in western Burma’s Arakan State “

    The whole people of Myanmar and including our president U Thein Sein have denied the odd claim of these Bengali immigrants so called Rohingya to accept them as Myanmar ethnic and I am sure that our hero Daw Su would carefully consider about the future threat of our country. The so-called Rohingyas are a threat to our nation security, to our religious and our significant culture and it is clear that there is no so-called story of Rohingya written in our history of Burma, the history of Arakan( The Rakhine state ) and in world record. I am sure you would find about his people in Bengali recent history because they want to Islamise our country.

    This is clear that there have been rooted activities that Bengali has been doing to invade our land sometime ago. We have been watching their steps and these Bengali so called Rohingyas are taking advantage of our people, especially Rakhine people ill treated by international community because of this immigrant.

    We do not deny the basic right of Bengali and the right of each human being must be respected but this is not human right issue. We would like not to have any bleeding ground on our peaceful land.

  24. It is sad to hear from Burmese people that Rohingya people are Bengalies. The Bangladeshi government consider them Burmese and will not allow them to imigrate to Bangladesh. Hence, the Burmese government should allow the Rohingya to be citizens in the Rakhine state. Diversity only strengthens a nation.

    Moreover, in the Islam there is no compulsion and as a result Muslims cannot force conversions on anyone. Furthermore the Rohingyan Muslim community is hanafi and sufi based. To all Burmese who consider Rohingyan, Bangali, please know that the Bangladeshi government considers them Burmese.

    It is a chicken or the egg argument. My opinion is Burma and Bangladesh should consider having a treaty and al Rohingyans to immigrate to Bangladesh or allow them to free immigrate to any other Muslim country.

    I am an American and of Indian descent. All I know is many Burmese Americans are proud of their country. All Burmese Americans of the Rohingyan community contribute back to their homeland and help Burma and never Bangladesh.

    For the time being, travel and marriage laws agains the Rohingya must end. It is facism to prevent people from getting married or not allow them to move from village to village.

    We are all Humans!

    To all Buddhists – Buddha is not Burmese! He is Indian! Would you deport him too?

    • Dear Qasin, It’s not about Indian or Burmese. There are many Myanmar citizens of Indian origin in Myanmar living peacefully with other ethnic ppl and they never claim ethnicity status. We don’t hate Indians.(We are Buddhists not because Buddha is Indian but because of his philosophy). It’s about invasion of illegal immigrants by faking Myanmar History. So called rohingya ppl not only intrude the country but also demand autonomous region. That we cannot accept. Now Myanmar is facing serious problem about Illegal Immigration of Chinese as well.

  25. Dear Ko Aung Zaw and Irrawaddy News Agency,
    Don’t play anymore Kular issue for your benefits or your survival. This is very dangerous for Arakan and the whole of Burma.

  26. After reading all the reviews posted by our fellow citizen, majority of our thinking towards humanity is still remaining in 11th century. It is truly sad sad things for the future democracy in Burma. We all neglect the suffering of people based on their skin color and religion. At the same time , we are praying endlessly towards all those beings seen or not seen be well and happy except when it comes to rohigya and dark skin color or Kalar whatever. How hypocrite and superficial our prayer is. This is the new chapter of the new world where race, color of skin and religion should not be the main category to judge a person or deny rights. We should train ourselves to be more humane, tolerance, compassionate and open minded. Accepting people as they are without prejudice.

  27. now I am asking myself..if Rakhine people don’t like Rohingya or Muslim … why not Burman? they are intruders too.. aren’t they? Just saying!

  28. Dear citizens, We all ethnic people of Myanmar are descendants of our fore-
    fathers who historically migrated into our motherland since over 2500 years ago.The so-called Rohingya’s were forcefully brought into our land from Ch-
    ittagong by the British colonials in 1940’s. Since then they illegally intruded
    slowly, because our border was defenceless. They over-run our ethnic Rhakhines, burnt their villages, rape their women,married their daughter and
    forcefully change their religions.We have suffered a lot from their terrorist
    actions. It is time for discussion with their origianal country, Bangladesh, and
    UNHCR. We cannot and will never accept them as our brother ethnic group.
    Anybody who accept them will be our national enemy. Let me remind you!
    Never compare them with Buddha,Mohammed,Jesus or any other. Different !
    Chin Compatriot.

  29. There are some pretty crazy comments on here. Offensive, hate-filled lies and outrageous claims. The next time a Rakhine person stops me in the street to tell me how they are oppressed by the Burmese, I might just laugh and tell them that maybe they deserve it.

  30. tocharian

    are u a racist? where on earth have you found that the burmese consider people on skin colour? the general burmese accepted all the different nationalities from india brought by british colonialists as their friends and many of them stayed in burma to make burma multicultural and vibrant. but the chittagong bengalis came with the british, sneaked into the country, and then oh God, started demanding Arakan as bengaliland! who are the racists, those who come and grab the land forcefully and call it their own fictitious cloudland … or the indigenous people of burma who have stayed there for centuries and welcomed people from every colour to their own soil? Shame on you!

  31. The Rohingya is an offspring of a Rhakhine and a Bangladeshi; they are are definitely not Rhahkine but they are Burmese and treat them such with dignity, but if they try to encroach upon our Theravada Buddhist sensibilities with their fire- and – sword conversion- boot them out into the Bay Of Bengal; you don’t bite the hands that feeds you (Myanmar) and lick the boots (Bangladesh) that kicks you.

  32. the islam tactic is cry until to get what they want.

    I see too many photos of these people . they always crying in pictures,
    but those tears will not be authentic , are just a strategy of invasion.

    in many countries around the world (especially in europe) and start crying and end up imposing their standards.

    not allow them to do that in your country.

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