Poe La Pyae Insulted Me, Says Traffic Policeman

Poe La Pyae, grandson of former dictator Than Shwe, is seen at the opening of a new hospital for children in 2011. (Photo: Demo Kaungkin / Burma Today)

RANGOON — Private San Thein Htwe of the Burmese traffic police force (TPF) has confirmed that he was affronted by Nay Shwe Thway Aung [also known as Poe La Pyae], the beloved grandson of retired junta chief Snr-Gen Than Shwe, at a traffic-congested junction in Rangoon last month.

News about Poe La Pyae punching and slapping San Thein Htwe for not properly clearing the traffic for him at the intersection between University Avenue and Inya Road on March 14 spread via Facebook and other social media.

The traffic policeman said he was treated quite badly, but denied that he had been paid by his alleged assailant to keep quiet about the incident, as some journals have suggested.

He said he just wants to stay quiet and will not lodge a complaint against Poe La Pyae with any organization.

“I just want to live peacefully and don’t want to contact any organization,” said San Thein Htwe, refusing to provide his current work place or meet with The Irrawaddy in person.

According to an officer from unit No. 25 of Kamayut Township TPF, San Thein Htwe is no longer with his unit since the incident. He said he heard the latter had been summoned to Naypyidaw.

However, when contacted by The Irrawaddy, the TPF office in the capital denied that San Thein Htwe was with them, and said that he had been sent back to Rangoon.

San Thein Htwe has since reportedly been transferred to the TPF office located on Rangoon’s 51th Street.

Htin Kyaw, an activist who led demonstrations against the Burmese military regime’s sudden increase in fuel prices in August 2007, recently filed a lawsuit against Poe La Pyae at Kamayut police station because of the way the former junta chief’s grandson treated a traffic policeman.

His complaint was accepted, but he was not allowed to open a legal case.

“The station commander Aung Maw accepted my complaint but he didn’t file it because he said he hasn’t received any complaint from either the TPF unit No. 25 or the victim,” said Htin Kyaw.

“Aung Maw told me that he would report the case to his superior,” he said.

Htin Kyaw added that slapping uniformed government service personnel on duty is considered a challenge to the rule of law in the country. Filing a lawsuit on behalf of the victim is not because of his hatred towards those who are responsible for the incident, but just to prove that no one is above the law, he said.

“I think he just wanted to open a legal case. It doesn’t concern me,” San Thein Htwn told The Irrawaddy.

According to Win Myint, the secretary of the Parliament’s Committee for Rule of Law and Stability, his committee can take necessary measures in accordance with the law only if the victim has filed a request.

“Rule of law means everybody must be equal before the law regardless of the power or wealth they have,” said the secretary. “All citizens who uphold the law must be entitled to the protection of the law.”

Section 323 of Burmese Penal Code imposes one year prison term or 1,000 kyat ($1.25) fine on anyone found guilty of physical abuse towards any uniformed service personnel on duty.

19 Responses to Poe La Pyae Insulted Me, Says Traffic Policeman

  1. Section 323 fine of 1000 ks, seems very lenient for one slap. This grand son of dictator Than Shwe is above the law. Now the traffic police is frightened that if he report this to the Police then he could be in big trouble. Than Shwe who is still running Burma behind the scene can even drag the fmly of the complainant to destruction. The accuse Poe La Pyae name doesn’t sound Burmese. It sounds like Chinese origin. Anyway these cronies are enjoying a rich life style and seems to ne Don of Burma. They are untouchable mafia of Burma. Who knows if these mafias will get punished like Saddam’sons and Gaddaffi’s son or not in near future?

  2. Does this boy think himself like Kim Jong-un of N Korea? Why did he carry two way radio? Did he think himself as a VIP? Why is this boy behaving like his grandfather? Poe Lee Pyae (Torn Penis) must be sent behind bar for good if rule of law is in the land. Now he is fined $ 1.3 for assaulting on-duty-officer who did his job. I am so ashamed of how Thein Sein is doing business in Burma. Thein Sein must feel so ashamed too if he is not insane. Puppet president who has no gut in his hands.

  3. – In Depayin massacre, few dozens of DASSK Party supporters were beaten to death & herself quite intimidated; and people jolly well know Sr Gen TSh is behind all this – She didn’t ask herself ‘Where Do I Stand?’

    Maybe this traffic police have the same mentality, I suppose !

  4. If Government did not take action against grandson of former dictator Than Shwe and then President U Thein Sein Government is obligation to explain the reason for did not take action against Poe La Pyae to citizen of Burma.
    Burmese peoples have right to know about if there’s someone or some family was allow to stay above the law.

  5. Every democratic system,police is main functionary to maintain the of law and order.I work for law enforcement in US,no one allow to touch law enforcement officer on duty,assaulting the police officer is went too far.In Myanmar,no one above the law and the law does not have double standard for special people,Government must prosecute this case according to law.Also this case is directly relate to the law enforcement service in Myanmar.If Myanmar police force does not do anything,let this degenerated thus get away,no one going to respect their force in future.

  6. I want to give one massage to all of the police officer or any civil servant in Myanmar. If you have that kind of situation , do not handle with your self , pretend that you do not know the person and ask for help from near by people and tell them who is whom was that person. The people in Myanmar know what to do. You stay away from that place immediately. That is for your own safety.

  7. He is behaving like a Chinese “princeling” ( Phyo Tay Za does that too) He should move to Shanghai or Peking or Singapore.. I think his grandpa bought some real estate there, just in case the Than Shwe clan has to flee Burma. All these crooks should leave Burma. They can take their stolen money with them.

  8. Dear Ginni
    How could you judge that a person’s race by only seeing his or her name’s or its pronounciation.

  9. The evidence of Than Shwe still in power behind the scene. Send the whole family to Hell.

  10. What and who does he think he is? He does not know he is going down in history and he will dearly pay the price. Thein Sein may protect this evil family but when time comes, they will be killed in public and their dead bodies will be dragged along the streets as they took too many lives.

  11. He is not above the law because the law said, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal.”

  12. Although President Thein Sein is trying his best for his Quasi Govt. the Notorious Second Aphaygyi Than Shwe is still behind the Curtain. As Yugoslav Activist Milovanjilas wrote ” the New Class ” a handful of Top Army People who took so much advantages from the Country. Than Shwe , his Generals and Poe La Pyae are such Persons.

  13. If Section 323 fine of 1000 ks, then
    “All the citizens of Myanmar/Burma will give 10,000ks and will slap him and the whole family. Then Myanmar government will get fund to develop the country, instead of begging for donation.

  14. His name means “full moon” in Burmese. In English and Chinese , it means “Poe La Pyae” (PLP)-pig-like-pig. I love pig , but not than shwe’s arrogant pig.

  15. I wonder if he reads all this comments n what was wrong n wright he has done n a sense of responsposibity to take for what he has done

  16. If this incident really happened, this guy acrossed the line, and his action is totally unacceptable and should punish according to the rule of law.

  17. George Than Setkyar Heine

    Simply a case of INTIMIDATION in the first place.
    The poor policeman was HAULED AWAY to Naypyidaw and THREATENED with DEATH even, any bets?
    Hence, he said he NO LONGER WANTED to COMPLAIN over the matter – slapped and abused while in uniform and on duty as well – other than saying the BRAT GRANDSON of Than Shwe’s has INSULTED HIM only.
    For the matter on WHETHER ANY FAVOR/MONEY CHANGED HANDS is for ANY and EVERY BODY to GUESS of course.
    As aforementioned on several occasions as well Suu Kyi’s RULE of LAW APPLIES to ORDINARY and NAIVE NATIVES of BURMA only as evidenced.
    The FIREBOMBING of the BUDDHIST MONKS while asleep in the dead of night and Than Shwe’s BRAT GRANDSON ABUSING/SLAPPING a uniformed policeman on DUTY certainly HIGHLIGHTED/PROVED the FACT no less of course.
    The fact that Suu Kyi in person and publicly saying the police used SMOKE BOMBS and KNOWINGLY as well PHOSPHORUS INCENDIARY BOMBS were USED resulting in SEVERE BURNS on the Buddhist monks, some losing their eye sights as well, and people is NOTHING LESS THAN A LIE and a COVER UP for the CULPRIT (S) responsible for the HEINOUS CRIME not to mention REFUSING to NAME the CRIMINALS in the first place, AMOUNTING to DERELICTION of DUTY in addition to COMMITTING PERJURY as the HEAD of the INVESTIGATING COMMITTEE as well.
    The recent attacks on Burmese Muslims are SYSTEMATICALLY ORCHESTRATED and EXECUTED by those in power and on purpose as well using their POCKET HOODS (hoodlums) any bets?
    The Muslim owners of the gold shop were given stiff prison sentences.
    Of course this should be the case in the first place and the matter would end there as well in case the responsible people took action and accordingly as well.
    Instead they grabbed the opportune moment to further their aim and purpose leading to tragic outcomes as a result and evidenced.

  18. Do you not know that the law is for you guys. We are above the law. Than Shwe designed this law for you, not for him and his associates.

  19. It is time to bring this pimp from by gone years to size; Than Shwe or not, slap him down to size.

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